Wooden Patio Furniture Guide

Wooden Patio Furniture

Wooden outdoor furniture is available in a variety of styles. The process of picking a design isn’t easy because you’ll have to consider the different advantages that certain wood species can provide. If you need a strategy for selecting wooden patio furniture, this guide can help.


Teak is a great option for any home that’s built in a community that has a high bug population. There is an oily coating on teak wood that drives insects away. The natural oil also prevents moisture damage.

If you buy outdoor furniture made of teak, the wood will hold its signature silvery appearance for a long time. However, if the humidity level constantly changes outdoors, a few small cracks may develop on the grains. This isn’t a big problem because minor cracks never weaken or break down teak furniture.


A slab of teak wood and a piece of shorea wood have similar qualities. In many neighbourhoods, shorea is a popular material for outdoor dining spaces since its grains are very elegant.

Outdoors in open spaces, shorea furniture performs well when temperatures are high or low. In the summer, the oily base on shorea wood repels bugs and blocks moisture, and throughout the winter, the oil stops cracking that’s typically caused by ice and frost.

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar has a rich lustre and a detailed grain structure that stand out. This type of cedar is an ideal material for outdoor lounge chairs because it has strong weather-resistant properties.If applying paint to Western Red Cedar, it’s best done using a spray gun for furniture to ensure an even, weatherproofed coating.

You can incorporate Western Red Cedar furniture with other wooden pieces on your deck since its a mild reddish colour. Over time, the colour of the cedar may change to a grey patina. If this happens, the cedar will still stand out because grey is a neutral tone.


Acacia is a solid choice for a table and chairs. Thanks to its durability, density, and strength, it can handle harsh summer weather conditions. You’ll get great results if you get acacia wood furniture that’s treated or untreated.

This wood species is grown on a plantation, and it gets its strength from natural oils. These oils provide long-lasting protection by preventing wood rot.

If you like to rearrange furniture outdoors, acacia pieces will make the process of making frequent changes easier. The wood is very lightweight, so you’ll have no problems lifting and toting it.


Fir furniture is harvested from an evergreen tree. It’s grown like cedar, so it provides many of the same advantages.

Tables and chairs that are made of fir blend well in a modern outdoor design scheme. Fir doesn’t clash with anything because it has a mild pale yellow tone, attractive growth rings, and unique knots. All of these features add a touch of beauty.

After fir furniture is set up outdoors, it will require minimum maintenance. To keep this furniture in optimum condition, you’ll only need to touch it up with a fresh coat of paint occasionally.

Tips for Picking Wooden Patio Furniture

Always consider the climate conditions in your area before choosing patio furniture. If your home is in a region that gets frequent rainfall, buy wooden furniture that has a natural moisture-shield. For a muggy climate, select chairs and tables that are constructed out of dense heavy-duty wood.


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