The 5 Ultimate Fun Things To Do In Orlando

fun things to do in orlando

‘Tis the season! It’s right before Christmastime. It’s a joyous time for giving presents, receiving presents, seeing family, hanging out with friends, taking a break from work, and chowing down on some good food.

Unfortunately, it’s also the time to be cold! If you live in the Midwest or any northern part of America, then chances are that Christmastime is pretty chilly wherever you are.

That’s exactly why all the fun things to do in Orlando keep catching your eye — maybe it’s time to plan a vacation down to the warmer parts of the world. And what better place to visit than Orlando?

To help you make the most out of your Orlando visit, we’ve gathered a list of the top five most fun things to do in Orlando. You don’t have to hit them all, but if you want a true taste of one of America’s most fun cities, then you’ll definitely have to try at least one!

1. Disney World

We would be remiss if we didn’t have this one first on the list of things to do. By far the most famous attraction in Orlando, Disney World holds no shortage of things for you to do.

If you’ll be traveling as a family, then there’s absolutely no question that you’ll have to stop by Disney World. Yes, it’s expensive. Yes, there are long lines. But also yes, it’s a magical experience for your kids as they see their favorite cartoon characters come to life. Just keep in mind the best time to visit disney world and enjoy the exotic experience with the family. 

2. Visit the Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center has overseen some of the most successful space launches. It played a major role in seeing that the United States took the lead in becoming the world’s biggest space powerhouse. Take a browse through the Kennedy Space Center to see all of the histories that have propelled this country to where it is today.

3. See the Town on International Drive

If you’re on the younger side and love to go out, then you have to stop by International Drive. During the day time, International Drive is home to hundred-and-one unique Florida shops, expansive malls, and boutique restaurants. At night, it’s the hub of Orlando’s vibrant and thriving nightlife.

It’s an 11-mile stretch, so don’t worry if you don’t get through all of it! The only way you’ll see all of it eventually is if you were moving to Orlando.

4. Take a Hike Through Gatorland

Florida is famous for its alligators, and no place has more magnificent specimens of this reptile than Gatorland. Wow your kids (and yourself!) with a quick hike through this park.

5. Shop at Orlando International Premium Outlets

If you’re a shopper, then check out all of the outlets for the world’s largest clothing and shopping brands. Prices here are slashed in comparison to what you’ll see in premium malls, making a trek out to shop well worth it.

Fun Things to Do in Orlando

With this list of fun things to do in Orlando, you can ensure that there’s never a dull moment in your Orlando trip!

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