Brace This: How to Get Braces For Adults (Without Insurance!)

Brace This: How to Get Braces For Adults (Without Insurance!)

Over half (57 pfercent) of adults in the U.S. report feeling self-conscious about their smiles. For many of these adults, the reason for their lack of confidence stems from the fact that their teeth are crooked.

Are you part of this group? Have you always wanted braces so you can have straight, celebrity-caliber teeth? You may have written of braces for adults as something that’s out of your budget. That’s not necessarily the case, though.

Read on to learn about some of the most affordable options for getting braces for adults without insurance.

Benefits of Braces for Adults

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to get braces as an adult. The following are some of the greatest benefits they have to offer:

Better Oral Health

When your teeth are straight, it’s easier for you to keep them clean. You can brush the surfaces of each tooth with more ease, and you can floss between them without running into as many obstacles. This, in turn, can lead to better overall oral health, fewer cavities, and a decreased risk of developing issues like gingivitis.

Better Overall Health

In addition to improving your oral health, having teeth that are easier to clean can have a positive impact on your general health, too.

For example, poor oral health is linked to several chronic health conditions, including things like heart disease, dementia, and diabetes. If you want to decrease your risk of dealing with these conditions later in life, make your teeth a priority now.

Easier Maintenance

Teens who have braces often have trouble keeping them clean and following maintenance instructions. As an adult, though, you’re more responsible and will have an easier time following the guidelines of your orthodontist.

This decreases the likelihood that you’ll have to deal with things like broken equipment. It may even shorten the duration of time you need to wear your braces.

More Motivation

Many teens don’t have a clear understanding of how much their braces cost and the benefits that come with them. As such, they’re less motivated when it comes to caring for them.

As an adult paying for your braces yourself, though, you’ll likely be more motivated to do what’s asked of you and take steps to make sure your braces are as effective as possible.

How to Get Braces for Adults Without Insurance

Okay, you’re ready to give braces a shot. How do you get them without insurance, though? Won’t they cost an arm and a leg?

Braces aren’t exactly cheap. However, there are a lot of affordable options for you to consider if you don’t have insurance, or if your insurance won’t cover them, including the following:

Pre-Pay with Cash

Often, if you’re willing to pre-pay with cash before your orthodontist puts your braces on, you can get a bit of a discount on the price of treatment. Since you’re saving the orthodontist from having to deal with insurance payments, they’re willing to reduce the cost of your braces.

Of course, this will still cost you a pretty significant chunk of change upfront. It’ll end up saving you money over time, though.

Use Your HSA or FSA

If you have a Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account, you may want to consider taking money from these sources to pay for your braces.

In most cases, your orthodontist will accept these payments and allow you to use the tax-free money you’ve set aside to help cover the cost of treatment. If you have enough to pay for the treatment all at once, you can also enjoy a cash discount from many orthodontist’s offices.

Compare Orthodontists

Every orthodontist charges a different amount for braces. Be sure to shop around and talk to a few different orthodontists before you make a decision about which one will provide your treatment.

This helps you find someone who offers the lowest prices or offers the best discount for pre-paying with cash. It also gives you an opportunity to decide which orthodontist is the right fit for you and helps you feel the most comfortable in their office.

Ask About Payment Plans

You might not be able to afford to total cost of braces right from the start. That doesn’t mean you’re out of luck, though.

Your orthodontist might be willing to set you up with a payment plan, though. They can divide the cost of treatment by the number of months you’re supposed to wear your braces, for example, so that it’s easier for you to manage and pay off.

Work with Students

If there is a local orthodontic school in your area, consider looking into their services to see if they offer braces for adults at a discounted rate. When you take this route, you’ll have your braces put on and cared for by a student who’s supervised by a licensed orthodontist.

With this option, your appointments may take longer, as students often need additional guidance, but it can also help you save quite a bit of money.

Take Advantage of First-Time Patient Offers

Many orthodontist’s offices have offers in place advertising affordable braces for adults. These offers are often available to first-time patients and can reduce the cost of your treatment by a significant amount.

Look online to check for coupons and promotions from orthodontists designed to bring new patients in their doors. You might be surprised at all the different offers that are out there.

Start Straightening You Teeth Today

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to get braces for adults without insurance. If you’re serious about straightening your teeth and feeling more confident about your smile, consider one of these approaches and you’ll be well on your way to having the teeth of your dreams.

Do you want to learn about some other steps you can take to improve your oral health and keep your teeth looking great long-term? Visit the Lifestyle section of our site today for more advice.


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