Tips for Creating Custom T-shirt Designs

customized t shirt printing

Do you want to create a custom t-shirt for professional or personal use? You need to come up with a design that will market your cause or business in an effective way. Here are some tips that will help you to come up with the best custom designs for your T-shirts:

Consider the Purpose of the T-shirt

Why are you creating a custom shirt? You might be in need of custom printed shirts for your startup business or to gift your buddies. If you are creating t-shirt designs for your business, make sure that you include the name of your business in a font that is readable.

You might end up creating cool t-shirts that your customers will like. In this case, you should consider choosing different shirt colors that will differentiate your employees from the customers. For business t-shirts, you should include your business address on the t-shirt to make it easier for potential customers to find you.

Simple is Better

When choosing a design for your t-shirt, make sure that you choose one that is easy to doodle. Moreover, using fewer colors in your t-shirt’s design makes it easier to remember while saving on the cost of screen printing. If you can convey your message in a single color, you should go for it. However, if money is not an object and you are creating a t-shirt for your personal use, you can go crazy with the design and color choices.

Imagine Your Design on a T-shirt

When creating a t-shirt for your business, you should consider it a cheap marketing tool. Every time a customer or employee dons the clothing item, there is a big chance that people will find out about your business. For this reason, you should make any words on the t-shirt legible enough to decipher even from a few feet away.

Make sure that you come up with a unique design that will make people do a double-take when they see it. Due to the numerous t-shirt designs in the market, people no longer pay attention to them unless they are distinctive. The design needs to be attractive enough that customers will be asking you for a t-shirt.

Choose Good Fabric

Choose the right fabric for your t-shirt

When it comes to creating the best t-shirt design, you should know that not all fabrics are created equal. A good fabric is like a great canvas: if you choose a bad canvas, it can destroy a great painting. You can also apply the same logic when choosing t-shirt fabric.

Here are different printing techniques and the preferred fabric for each:

Screen printing – if you want to do some custom screen printing, the best fabric is cotton.

Sublimation printing – you should opt for polyester fabric.

Direct to garment – cotton is the preferred fabric for this type of printing.

Define Your Quantity and Budget

How much are you planning to spend on your design? The more details that you add to your design, the more costlier it will be. To strike the perfect balance between the number of shirts you want to produce and your creative options, you should think about your budget first.

The printing technique that you choose is directly proportional to the number of t-shirts that you want. Some printing methods charge per t-shirt while others produce t-shirts in bulk. When thinking about quality, you should know that quantity does not come into play. The quality of your t-shirts is determined by the fabric.


Are you creating a custom t-shirt design? You need to define your budget and quantity, be simple, choose a good fabric, imagine the design on a t-shirt, and consider the t-shirt’s purpose.


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