5 Effortless Ways of Entertaining During the Holidays

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The holidays will soon be here and you would like to entertain during this time. But you want some ways that are easy and effortless, because you will be entertaining several groups of people over the holidays and do not want to be worn out from it all. The good news it that we share 5 effortless ways of entertaining during the holidays to help you enjoy it..

1. Beverage party

You can have a beverage party. You can inform guests ahead of time that it is simply a beverage party, because everyone is likely stuffed over the holidays from a big meal and all the other food at places they have been to visit. This takes the pressure off you from having to have a lot of items to serve and reduces the effort of having to make everything flawless. Everyone will still enjoy themselves. 

Therefore, for your beverage party, you can serve two or three different kinds of punch and you can even add a soda float area where people make their own soda floats. For example, you can have cream soda, lemon lime soda or orange soda. Then you can set out various kinds of sorbets or ice cream which people can add to the soda. It is a good idea to provide large straws and spoons for the soda floats.

2. Cheesecake

Maybe you are freaking out about entertaining over the holidays. Yet you know how to do it. You want everything to be just right. And this seems stressful to you even before you get started. The good news is that you do not have to endure all the joy being sucked out of you during the holidays, because the simple solution is serving cheesecake. You can make the chocolate cheesecake yourself. Or you can opt to buy one from the bakery or supermarket, as there are so many delicious ones that you can buy. Cheesecake suits every occasion and is truly elegant. It is tasty served with coffee, tea, eggnog or hot chocolate.

3. Chocolate party

Everyone seems to get a lot of boxes of chocolates over the holidays and it may be hard to get all the chocolates used up. Then time can go by when the chocolates become old and stale, which results in the need to throw them out. But it is such a shame to do that, as chocolates do cost a lot of money. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a chocolate party by serving them on pretty platters to your guests. They go nicely with fizzy soda or hot tea and coffee.

4. Turkey casserole

You likely have lots of turkey and other left-overs from your Christmas day meal. Instead of leaving the turkey and left-overs to sit in the fridge for too long, use them in a quick easy casserole. Mix the turkey and gravy together. Line the casserole dish with the turkey and gravy. Then place any leftover vegetables on top of the turkey and gravy mixture. Next place a layer of dressing and then mashed potatoes. Top with left-over cranberry sauce. Bake in the oven at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for about forty minutes. This is delicious and cost-effective.

5. Pantry goodies

You do not have to spend a lot of money to entertain. During the holidays, someone may unexpectedly drop by. Go to your pantry to see what you have on hand and place the items on a nice wooden serving board. You can put things like pretzels, chips, popcorn, cookies and nuts on it. If you have some fruit and cheese in your fridge, you can add some of those items as well. 

If you have two apples and an orange, you do not have to serve them whole. You can slice them up. The chances are that everyone will be satisfied with just a slice or two. This makes a beautiful way to entertain. It looks like you went to a lot of effort when you really did not and will make your guests feel welcomed and special.


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