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Your home is your personal abode of peace and happiness. It is where your come to rest after a hard day at work. Therefore, making sure that every inch of your house is envisioned perfectly is the best way to ensure that you stay happy and make your life simple and easy. 

Life is complicated as it is. From having arguments with your fellow colleagues at work, to taking care of your family and managing your finances. Tackling all these hurdles everyday soon becomes a tiring task. Therefore, at the end of the day, everyone needs a place to call home where they can simply relax and prepare themselves for the next day. 

Designing your home to not only look calm but feel like a place of absolute peace and tranquility can be the best interiors one can come up with. In order for you to achieve such designing prowesses, a number of decoration and designing tips are listed below to guide you through what exactly you require to make your home and your life more peaceful and happy. 


The garage is often overlooked by most people as a major part of their house. Garages are important to be decorated as it is where you keep your cars and motorcycles safe. Therefore, it is expected that you probably spend a lot of time.

The interior design of your garage is important to be kept in mind to make your life and home more peaceful because if you travel by car, bike or scooter a lot, then the garage is the first place that you will visit when you come back to your lovely house. 

You can start by adding many cabinets in your garage walls. This will definitely make it easier for you to store all vehicle related objects like pipes, oil, vehicle cleaning products, and other machinery. 

Building a safe storage place like a cabinet is important to make your life not only happier but much easier as well. No more will you have to search under the tables or the car to look for the wrench you were searching for the past hour or so. Making your life easier is the best way to prevent any difficulties in the future and therefore, making your life a bit more easier than usual. 

You can use light and bright paints in your garage walls as it will significantly give the place a glow that will help you see clearly when the lights are switched on. Make sure to have a ramp constructed that leads up to your garage from the outside so that you do not face any trouble when you are trying to park your car inside. 



The bedroom is the most comfortable zone in your home. This is the place where you start and end every single day. Therefore, you will want to make this place more comfortable to your eyes and yourself, as the walls of this room are the first and last thing that you are going to see everyday. 

Your bedroom should always be a reflection of who you truly are. Therefore, you can choose to paint the walls of your bedroom with the colour of your choice. If you like brighter colours, then we suggest you go for it, as in most cases it happens to be the most preferred choice. Brighter colours stand for positivity and happiness, two factors that you require to cheer up your day and make you confident to face all your troubles head on. After all without a hint of happiness and a dash of positivity, life will seem even more dull than usual. 

As for the decorations, you can never go wrong with things that make you happy. You can line up your walls with posters of your favorite celebrity role models that inspire confidence in you and make you happy. 

As for your storage cabinets, it is best to go with wooden cabinets as they are significantly easier to maintain and take care of. Wooden cabinets also come in many shapes and colours, so pick whichever style goes best with the colour of your walls. It is best to keep a dark and light contrast with the colour of your walls and any other object in the room, including your bed and cabinets.

Your wardrobe can also be coloured similarly to the cabinets, to keep a sense of continuity among every wooden object in your bedroom. 

Guest Room:

Keeping a room for your guests will help your welcome people into your house without having to worry about where they will sleep. The main purpose of a guest bedroom is to keep a separate room for your guests so that they do not meddle with your personal space. 

The colour of walls of your guest bedroom should be much more soothing to the eyes, so you can go for lighter and sober colours such as light grey, white, cream, etc. Remember not to overcrowd the room with too many decorative items. Too many pictures of your family or personal items can cause your guests to feel uncomfortable. 

Maintain a separate wardrobe and cabinet in this room for them to keep all their belongings and not mess with your storage space. The colour of these wardrobes and cabinets should synchronize well with the colour of the walls of this room. 

Living Room

living room

Your living room or your dining room will most probably be the biggest room in your house. This is the room where you will be eating your food in peace while watching some television with the rest of your family. This will also be where your guests will be seated when you invite someone over to your house. 

Your living room should be brightly colored, along with the use of brighter lights to set the mood and feel of the room. You and your guests should always feel warm and comfortable in your living room, so that everyone can enjoy each other’s presence. 

Your furniture is another important aspect of your dining room. This includes the sofa, the tables and chairs, and even other furniture present in the room. Your dining room should be set up in a way that gives space for many things to fit in at once. 

Your dining table can be either made of high-quality wood or from glass. Tables that are made out of these materials will look best in a modern-day dining room, as they have the most “wow” factor associated with them. 

Your sofa or couch is required to look modern and feel comfortable to get the most bang for your buck. Modern designs on your couch include unique colour combinations and designs that go well with the modern vibe of the place. 

The lamps should also be modern lamps, which are more simple, convenient and power saving. The simplest guide for basic lighting selection is LED downlights. LED downlight is a lighting device hidden in the ceiling. It was developed by combining traditional lamps with LED bulbs. Downlights can be installed in kitchens, bathrooms (downlight with high waterproof index, such as: IP44, IP54, IP65) and other different environments. If you choose an adjustable downlight, you can meet more needs.


It is important to design your kitchen in a way that invokes your inner masterchef. 

The first thing to consider when you design your kitchen are the walls. Your kitchen walls can be fitted with tiles of various designs. It is suggested that you keep these tiles of a simple light but bright colour, like white or pale blue. Even pink will suit the colour of your kitchen, if you want it that way, Mix and match different colour styles to get the best colour that you need. 

Next, you need to decide on the lighting of the kitchen. All bulbs and tubelights should be of bright colours so that you can clearly see what you are doing when you are preparing a delicious meal. You do not want to get one of your fingers cut or burned while you are cooking food due to to dimly lit lights. 

The floor can be made of marble tiles. This is suggested because it is easier to wash off any curry stains that might be spilt on the floor.  Plus, it makes your floor look cooler if you have cool designs with darker colours over lighter coloured tiling. 

An exhaust is absolutely necessary for your kitchen, You can keep it simple as it only needs to serve its purpose. The cabinets must be of darker colours, preferably in shades of dark brown or black. This will go hand in hand with a light coloured wall. 



It is always a good decision to keep your bathroom simple and elegant. Your walls can have a lighter coloured paint, followed by a darker coloured flooring. Your toiletries can be purchased from the best brands if you want novelty. It is preferred that you keep it in colours of white, as it will give off a calming aura about that place, allowing you to relax and rid yourself of all worldly stress. 

Store Room

A store room is required in your house to store all objects that you have grown up with and is dear to you, as many memories can be associated with them. Many people often forget their storerooms and allow dust to accumulate there, which is depressing considering you have your most memorable objects stashed away there. 

In order to truly get happiness and peace, the best suggestion for you is to keep your storeroom clean and tidy. Even though you will probably not be entering your store room frequently, you cannot go wrong with any design choices here. Just make sure you clean up the place and keep everything tidy, so that there is no dust accumulation on whatever is stored there, along with cobwebs on the walls and the ceiling. 

The above suggestions hope to bring you some inspiration and make you feel comfortable and happy in your home environment.

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