Best Laser Marking Machine in 2020

laser marking machine

Laser marking is now an important aspect of the marketing sector, especially for big names and businesses in many areas you may have seen that the governments have made policies for marking products with trademarks. Which is essential for a lot of reasons.

Thus, if you have launched a product and you are planning to take it to the international level, then you will have to abide by the laws of advancements, laser marking is one of those advancements. Several companies are working on this new advancement such as for helping businesses grow at a faster pace.

In my opinion, laser marking is essential for a devoted business. Why? because now, there are a lot of chances of fraud and duplicate or fake items. Take, for instance, Adidas, those shoes are one of the best shoes in the world but since there are some loopholes in marketing and awareness campaigning, fraudsters are trying to sell fake shoes in the name of reliable companies.

When some companies would go for laser marking, they would be able to save their product because I do not think that fake items will have that much investment on them.

In this article, I have discussed the best laser marking machines for the upcoming year. But before we tart let us have a look at the process.

What is Laser Marking?

Laser marking is known for its material-saving technology, unlike laser engravings and etching, the substrate would stay intact.

With the help of high beam lasers, the materials can be stamped with various designs, in specific colors depending upon the type of the process and the material.

The Best Laser Marking Machines

  1. McW Laser 20W

If you want me to describe this product in two words, that it would be affordable and versatile. You can carry this machine wherever you want without any sort of problem.

It has got a touch interface; you can check the current ratings through the digital galvanometer which is already installed in the system.

It is highly ideal for various materials and surfaces. It has got a speared laser generator and a lifting design, so that the workers must stay at ease, because while cutting out or making designs you have to stay very conscious and focused.

  1. Vevor 20W Fiber Laser

If you want to control the marking depth, then this is the machine you need to buy. It can help you in marking the surface in between, 0.01 to 0.5mm, this range is ideal for foaming and carbonizing when you are trying to make a logo on the surface of some delicate materials.

  1. 10 High Portable Fiber Machines

If you want speedy work, then this machine is the best option. It works 5 to 7 times faster than the typical machines.

It comes in four different colors. The beam quality is also very fine because the inner of the machine has got a very clear glass in it, for managing the angel of the laser and beam. Before buying the product, you must check its review on various online selling sites, I did on Amazon and the reviews claim that this is best for stainless steel and metal materials.

  1. Triumph Fiber Laser Machine

This is suitable for some slow and lower-level business and factories. However, the price is higher than the others.

The triumph fiber laser machine can be used for a wide range of materials, that is why various factory owners prefer having it, it has got a modular system with a  speared laser and lifting area, so that the workers can easily decide and mark the materials.

Another special feature is the attachment of cylinders for laser markings, you only need to put your product at that spot, it will automatically rotate and you can do the designing without cutting down that product, this feature makes it ideal for cans.

  1. Dihorse Desktop Fiber Laser

This machine is suitable for making barcodes, jewelry and various other materials like the former machine, it has got a 30w galvanometer for speeding up the process of marking.

The most unique feature of this machine is its reliable and supportive customer care service which comes with it, in case of any trouble you can ask the company to help you and they would not delay it at any cost.


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