Fly High: 9 Tips for First-Time Hot Air Balloon Riders

Fly High: 9 Tips for First-Time Hot Air Balloon Riders

Did you know someone invented a glass-bottom air balloon ride? If you haven’t gone before, try a standard ride first.

Are you looking for tips as a first-time air balloon rider? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over what you should know before your trip.

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1. What Is the Cost?

A shared ride will range between 200-300 dollars per person. A private trip for two people will cost up to 850 dollars. A tip is not included in this price.

It’s always nice to appreciate the crew who took you on this unique excursion. If you can, budget in a little extra money so you can give a tip.

2. What Should You Bring?

Most of the time, water is available before and after the ride. Don’t forget your sunglasses and a small camera.

You should ask beforehand to see if you can bring any camera equipment. Go to the washroom a few minutes before.

3. How Big Is the Hot Air Balloon Basket?

Most of the time, a basket can hold up to 12 passengers and a pilot. Some pilots will take you on a private flight. Consider if you’d like to go with a loved one or head up to the sky with total strangers.

4. What to Expect Before the Flight

After you have met the crew and pilot, you will head to the launch site. Most of the time, sites get chosen depending on which direction the wind is blowing. Arrive at the right time, so you don’t delay the launch.

If it’s a private ride, you will only be with the crew and pilot. Some people like to share their journey with other passengers.

The pilot will start the launch process. The balloon envelope and basket get laid out. The wind will help with the inflation process.

During this time, the pilot will go over all the components to make sure that everything is safe.

Once the balloon is ready to get inflated, a powered fan will push air into the balloon envelope. Two people will have to hold the balloon envelope open. They will also have to keep an eye out for ropes or cables.

After the balloon’s filled with air, the pilot will light the burner. They will bring the balloon to an upright position. People step into the balloon gondola and prepare for takeoff.

5. What About the Weather?

If there are weather conditions like wind, rain, or a storm, the hot air balloon ride will get canceled. This is why you can’t buy a ticket for a trip in advance.

Most of the time, you show up the day you’d like to go on the ride and wait in line. The pilot can’t predict the weather, and cannot make any reservations.

If you are next in line and the weather changes, your flight time will have to change. Even the pilot may want to take flight, but they have to keep you and themselves safe.

The time of launch will vary throughout the year for the ride. Call in advance to find out what the crew or pilot thinks.

6. What Should You Wear?

The open flames and the balloon’s burners will keep you quite warm during the trip. Try and imagine standing next to open fire at a campsite.

Make sure you have layers, so you can shed a piece of clothing if you get too warm. Pack a small backpack so you can throw on another hat or scarf if you feel cold.

7. Mobility Issues

If you have a hard time standing, you might want to look for another excursion. You will have to stand for the entire trip.

If you don’t have any issues with balance, make sure you wear sturdy shoes. This way, you can enjoy the journey in comfort.

8. How Is the Ride?

The rides are quite peaceful experiences. You will get to take in an incredible view in a quiet atmosphere above the city or town.

The baskets are steady, even while people move around to take videos and pictures.

If you take pictures, make sure you add a strap to your phone or camera. This way, you won’t have to worry about dropping it from the basket.

9. What About the Landing?

The landing is one of the most thrilling parts of the trip. Things like the terrain and wind speed can affect the landing.

If it’s a calm day, your pilot may tell you to remain standing. The balloon will rest on the ground without any significant impact.

If there’s a moderate wind, your pilot might tell you to turn sideways and bend your knees. They might also ask you to crouch down. This way, the impact will get softened.

Listen to your pilot. They will help you have the best landing possible. Make sure you have your backpack on and put away unused clothing.

After you land, your pilot may offer you a glass of champagne to toast the ride.

Are you ready to go on your first trip? Look into hot air balloon trips for your next day off.

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We hope you found this guide on hot air balloon rides helpful. Make sure to add a strap to your phone. This way, you won’t lose it while taking pictures.

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