How to Achieve the Ariana Grande No Makeup Look?


What happens when you’re into the showbiz at a tender age? You let the world explore the child in you. This usually happens to most young celebrities and star kids, and Ariana Grande definitely falls under this category. Time and again, we have seen Ariana Grande no makeup look, sometimes intentionally and sometimes caught by the paparazzi. Here, we will find out how the bubbly singer can carry her cute facial features with no makeup at all.

What is the no makeup look all about?

The Ariana Grande no makeup pictures might make you think that celebrities can go without doing makeup at times. But this was probably possible for her when she was younger. When we are in our teens, we don’t have freckles and blemishes to hide – at least not as much as when we are older. However, that isn’t what the no makeup look is all about.

No makeup look is a basically a makeup process where people add makeup to portray a natural glow. It does hide their uneven skin tone, marks, and cover fine lines or wrinkles. But it looks like there is no makeup at all.

While you might want to try the Ariana Grande no makeup look and not put any makeup at all, it is also worthy to discuss what the no makeup look is.

How to get a no makeup look?

Check out the step by step process that can help you achieve a no makeup look:

1. Using a primer

The first step that can help you achieve a no makeup look is by using a primer. You might have dry or oily skin or a combination of both. Since your base sets the foundation for the entire makeup, you have to look at it like that.

For successfully applying makeup primer on your face, you can try a warm primer. You simply have to rub it on your hand and then apply it on the skin. Primers that feel sticky hold makeup longer. So, you need to keep this in mind while buying.

If you use oil or a wax-based foundation that has high pigments to achieve a second effect for the skin, then it will look like you don’t have makeup at all. To get a natural-looking contour for your skin, it is best to use powder and not cream. Cream contours are usually strong and needs a little powder for touchups. It makes the look more natural and lighter.

2. Add blush under the foundation

To create a ‘flushed’ look, you need to apply blush under the foundation. It is smart to go slightly heavier with the blush than we normally do for regular makeup. Finally, add a dewy foundation on top to make the Ariana Grande no makeup look natural.

3. You need to blend the makeup well

Although this is an obvious aspect when it comes to doing makeup, but while trying the no makeup look, you have to be more careful. You can use a wet sponge to give your foundation a natural finish. When it is about blending it with your concealer, it is best to start on the outside and work your own on the inside by using sponge.

4. Set up the makeup with a hydrating mist

Once you’re done applying the makeup, you should spritz on your face. Choose any hydrating mist to do this. It will help any powder melt into your skin and set the makeup. It will also keep away from making the makeup look dry.

5. Use a sheer mascara

A proper mascara will help you attain natural-looking eyes. You have to use a clean, preferably an unused mascara through your lashes. A new product keeps away from clumps. If you don’t have a new one, you’d have to make sure it is seamless.

6. Use beige eyeliner

A beige eyeliner will make your eyes look bright and still maintain the Ariana Grande no makeup look. It also lets you carry a well-rested appearance. A beige eyeliner not only make the eyes look bright but also subtle. It is best if it goes exactly like the skin tone you possess.

7. Tight line the eyes with a black liner

Tight-lining the eye is putting black liner on the upper waterline. The process makes the eyelashes look perfect and distribute the color all through the eyes. It will go best for people who have small hooded eyes because no one will understand that there is eyeliner.

8. Groom your brows

To achieve a natural brow look, you have to minimize tweezing in-between waxes. It is best to keep a few strays here and there to make it look uneven. This way you neither tweeze to many hairs and also maintain the Ariana Grande no makeup look.

Best products for no makeup look 2019

Check out some of the products that can help you achieve the Ariana Grande no makeup look:

Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer

Makeup expert Daniel Martin swears by this primer all the time. He suggests using it from the T-zone as most people need shine control in that portion. You then have to work it out with your fingers. However, you wouldn’t want to use this product every time. The primer is ideal for you when you want to add a natural glow. It helps you blur away the pores, hide dark circles, and give your undereye the shine you’ve been wanting.

Perricone MD No Makeup Foundation Serum SPF 30

Here is a lightweight serum that can solve all your problems in terms of concealing. The product includes neuropeptides and daisy-flower extract for diminishing dark spots and brightening overall skin tone. You can keep this product handy for the ideal no-makeup look.

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops

You can always add a product that gives you the desired amount of pigment on your skin. It could seem like an additional product, but it will have the control over the coverage level. If you want the perfect no makeup look, you must add two drops of this product into the serum or moisturizer. It will give you a natural dewy look and a slight color tone.

Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Blush

The Sensuous Rose blush from Estée Lauder comes with a cream-like consistency. Many women will like using it instead of powdery products. If you think a creamy blush could help you achieve the no makeup look better, you can pick this instead. It will give your skin a perfectly rosy color tone and yet keep it natural. The product is easy to work with and gives you a flush-like glow.

Ohii Glass Powder

If at point you think your makeup is not being able to retain the natural look, you can tone it down with this one. A lot of people prefer this product to bring in the dewy skin because it doesn’t look cakey.

You will definitely need a dewy product to keep you going through the warm summer months. So, now you have options to go about the products you will buy and use for this purpose. The Ohii product is mattifying and gives you a velvety feeling. Irrespective of using a concealer or foundation, this will make sure your makeup is in place all day.

L’Oréal Paris Makeup Voluminous Mascara

You will depend a lot on your mascara while doing the no makeup look. Since you can’t allow eyeliners or dark eyeshadows, your mascara plays an important role to define the eyes. Simply add a quick layer of the L’Oréal product and make sure there are no clumps. The product gives you a dark tint and makes your eyes come out bright.

Disposable mascara brushes

One thing you need to add to cart, along with your mascara is a set of mascara brushes. If you’re used to using the brush that comes along with the product, it might not be perfect for the no makeup look. In order to spread mascara seamlessly across the eyelash, you need to keep disposable brushes. Just stock them up so that you have one new product every time you want the no makeup look.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Shapeshifter

You might not want to use a contouring palette with your no makeup look, but this product is pretty versatile. It keeps your skin looking fresh and features a mixture of powders and creams. The product helps you customize how your face looks and perfectly fits into the need.

Kat Von D Tattoo Brow

There are times when we get an unexpected blemish. You need to take a step ahead to make sure you cover that up and still not make it look like makeup. For this, the Tattoo Brow can totally help. You just have to dot it over your beauty mark. If you don’t believe that this works, you got to check out YouTuber Desi Perkins and take some inspiration from her.

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer

The key to having an ideal no makeup look is making sure your eyes and lips get due attention. You have mascara for the eyes, but what can you do for the lips? While keeping your look minimal, you can always go ahead with a lip gloss. It is a staple product that makes your lips look rosy, soft, and flattering. The gloss also nourishes your lips, doesn’t stick, and is an ideal addition to your makeup kit.

Glossier Haloscope

If you’re picky about highlighters or you have yet not got the perfect one, you can try this one. It is ideal for daytime makeup when you need to keep your look minimal. Again, the product is buildable, so you can always expect a beaming glow depending on what you exactly want. You can use it for your cheekbones, corner of your eyes, eyelids, tip of the nose, and brow bone. Also, you can pat it over the lips to give it a subtle shimmer.

Dior Crème de Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm

Looking forward to buying an expensive lip balm that can complete your makeup look? You can try this instead of the Fenty gloss. This adorable piece gives your lips a rose tint and plumps up the lips. Everyone doesn’t depend on lip-plumping products, but if that’s where you want the focus, you should give it a try.

Ariana Grande No Makeup Look

It is time to check out a few pictures where the singer has gone without makeup or without noticeable makeup going by the minimalist approach.

Image: Pinterest

Here is an image of young Ariana during her teen days, when she is barely with any makeup. You can find kohl under her eyes, blush on her cheeks, and her beautiful smile doing the rest of the magic.

Image: Styles At Life

Here is another picture of Ariana where she is showing off her beauty blemish. This is yet another old picture from the archives of her Instagram account that just reflects back on how long she has come in her career.

Image: Hate Wait

In this image, Ariana seems to only have her eyes pumped up with eyeliner and mascara. Her lips have a slightly rosy tint. This image is yet another throwback picture to the days when she was growing into the world of music.

How many times do we check our makeup before uploading a snapstory? Not all the time, right? Well, that goes same for Ariana too! The singer is time and again seen without makeup posting pictures of herself on snapchat. It not only makes her look cool but also shows how she can be the girl next door to a superstar any time!

Final thoughts

It is time you explore how to go about the no makeup look and what you would do to achieve it. We have given you the method, the products, so all you got to do is experient and see what works best. Make sure you also follow the minimalist approach shown by the bubbly singer. She sure does bring in some more inspiring ideas for the look.


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