5 Wedding Favor Ideas That’ll Impress Your Guests

5 Wedding Favor Ideas That'll Impress Your Guests

Every year in the United States, there are over 2 million weddings. With so many, how can you make sure that yours stands out? It’s easy: give your guests amazing party favors so they’ll remember your wedding for years to come!

Want some amazing wedding favors but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help! Here are the top five wedding favor ideas to impress your guests.

1. Consider Something Tasty

No one is going to turn up their nose at free food, and we all know candy is extremely popular in the realm of wedding favor ideas. Instead of giving out candy, consider something a little more creative.

Donuts, cupcakes, and macarons are all the rage and make for chic wedding favors. If you want to do your favorite candy, consider getting it monogrammed. Or even try filling up a light bulb with the candy as a creative touch.

For something that will last a bit longer, consider giving out infused olive or rosemary oil. That way your guests can use it when cooking at home. You can include a recipe card that has tips on how to use it, too.

If you’re particularly ambitious, put together a late-night snack that your guests can take with them. Burgers, fries, and a drink will help satisfy your guests as they’re heading home.

2. Give Booze to a Party-Centric Crowd

If you and your guests love to party, why not give them the thing they love the most: alcohol. A lot of people provide shot glasses, wine glasses, and pint glasses. So why not try something a little different, like a Moscow mule cup or a cocktail shaker they can use for years.

If you want to cut straight to the point, consider creating miniature cocktail kits of your favorite drink. Or consider mini champagne bottles or even a bottle of the wine served at the reception.

3. Favors for a Themed Wedding

If you’re having a themed wedding, don’t forget to round it out with themed wedding favors! Getting married in Vegas? There are all sorts of Vegas-themed mementos you can provide like cards, dice, and shot glasses.

Having a beach wedding? Why not give out beach towels or sand dollars? Any themed wedding will offer a plethora of opportunities for themed favors.

4. Repurpose Your Centerpieces

Why not repurpose your centerpieces to double as your wedding favors? Give each guest a tin pail or glass vase and let them build an arrangement.

Or you can assign someone to break them down and place them in bottles to hand out. After all, you spent a pretty penny on those flowers, so why not use them to give your guests a piece of your wedding?

5. Make It Seasonal

Any season can be used as inspiration for the perfect wedding favor. In spring, a local farmer’s market can provide fresh flowers, fruits, or vegetables that you can turn into the perfect favor package. In summer, especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding, get something to protect your guests from the sun, like sunscreen or a parasol.

Pumpkins or pie-themed gifts are perfect for fall. In winter, get monogrammed fleece blankets or a hot chocolate kit. You can even add a boozy mix-in for the adult party favors.

Wedding Favor Ideas: Now You Know!

Now you know the top wedding favor ideas! Need more wedding planning advice? Bookmark Tasteful Space for all the latest wedding ideas you can use!


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