What Should You Set Your Thermostat at in the Winter?

What Should You Set Your Thermostat at in the Winter?

The weather outside may be frightful, but your living room should be toasty and delightful.

When the days become shorter and the temperatures drop, our AC’s get to take a break. However, that doesn’t mean your thermostats are off duty for the entire winter season.

If we set our thermostat too high, your energy bills will be too expensive. Set those thermostats too low, and you’ll be cold and uncomfortable inside our own homes.

So, what’s should you set your thermostat at in the winter?

Here are a few things to consider when finding the perfect temperature for your home.

While You’re Home

When you’re at home, it’s important to be both warm and comfortable.

A good rule of thumb is to start the heat season at a relatively high temperature. Then, lower the temperature by a degree each week as you get used to the colder temperatures.

A nice, balmy 72 degrees is a great starting point.

Another thing to think about when initially setting your thermostat temperature are your pipes. Plumbing pipes are notorious for freezing when the temperatures drop. This can cause a huge, and costly, headache.

Setting the thermostat to a higher temperature will help you avoid pipe freeze. Then, keep lowering the temperature one degree at a time. You will be warm and your pipes will remain efficient.

While You’re Away

Do you work outside of the house all day? Are you going out of town?

A great way to save on your energy bill is to drop the heat setting on your thermostat when you don’t need it as much. Bringing your heat down to at least 68 degrees while you’re away saves on energy and saves on monthly bills.

What about those trusty plumbing pipes?

If you keep the temperature inside our homes above 55 degrees, you can avoid most issues due to pipe freeze.

When You Need to Save a Buck

A great way to save a buck on heat during the winter is to consider buying a programmable thermostat.

A quick online search can help you track down a handful of good thermostat options. However, there are a ton to choose from, so you may want to consider calling a good air conditioning service.

The greatest feature of a programmable thermostat is that you don’t have to worry about changing the settings on your heat. You can easily program your thermostat to keep your home warmer at night and on the weekends when you are home. Then, you can program your thermostat to drop the temperature when you are away.

Want to really invest in some savings? Consider a smart thermostat for your home. These types of thermostats automatically program degree settings based on your daily temperature needs.

The Answer to “What Should You Set Your Thermostat at in the Winter?”

Now you know the answer to the question, “what should you set your thermostat at in the Winter?”

Avoid the winter chill inside your home by setting your thermostat to the right degree. Keep it higher when you are at home. Lower that temperature when you are away.

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