Why Go Pro Instead of DIY for Your Door Installation

DIY for Your Door Installation

A door is a reflection of your architectural tastes and creativity. More importantly, doors provide security and protection from weather elements. If you are constructing your new home or replacing your old doors, you may be wondering if you should DIY or if you should contact a professional door installation company. While DIY projects have changed the landscape of house renovations, it is essential to remember that hiring a pro has its benefits. Here are four reasons why you should go pro instead of DIY for your door installation.

1. Getting Value for Your Money 

DIY door installation is fun until you realize that there are high costs besides the purchase of the doors. There are several questions you need to ask yourself.

  • Can you transport the doors to your home?

You need to transport the doors to your home for installation. Transporting the doors in your saloon car might not be an option due to space restrictions. Unless you have a truck, you will incur extra costs to carry the door to your house.

  • Do you have the right skills and tools?

You also need to ask yourself if you have the right carpentry skills and tools to install the doors. An experienced carpenter can fit all the doors in a house with minimal effort. The installation company will also bring their power tools and appropriate nails to hang the doors properly. When you go DIY, you have to take the time to learn the skills. If you cannot practice your skills, then your doors become your practice boards. Imagine buying an expensive door only to ruin it during installation? Such a loss, right?

  • Do you have the time to install the doors?

Door installation consumes time. If you have no prior experience, the process will take more time because you have to study. If you consider how much your time is worth, hiring a professional door installer is a small price to pay.

  • Do you have access to variety?

Most professional door installation companies offer free consultations where you receive guidance on different doors. During a consultation, you have a chance to discover different types of doors, materials, and decorative features.

  • Do you understand the functions?

When you browse doors online, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the variety of both custom and manufactured doors that exist. However, some of the doors may not serve your functions. Your front door, bedroom door, and bathroom door all serve different purposes. Pros will also help you choose the right doors for different rooms to prevent architectural disasters.

2. Quality Assurance 

Imagine walking into a door shop with no idea of what you should buy. How will you know the right measurements and functions to look at? How can you ensure that you purchase legitimate products? A pro will have several reliable suppliers for his door. When you go pro, you leverage the company’s contacts and get to buy a quality door. If you are hoping to achieve sustainability with your door, an expert will ensure that they purchase rated products.

A professional door installation company also has the necessary insurance to cover any damage to your property or its workers. If a door is accidentally damaged or scratched during installation, the company will incur the replacement cost. Also, the installation company can cover a worker’s health costs if they are injured during work. However, if you damage your doors during installation, you have to incur replacement costs out of pocket. If you injure yourself during DIY installation, you will also cover your own medical costs.

It is also wise to remember that most door manufacturers only warrant their products when a professional does their job correctly. DIY door installation, therefore, cancels out the warranty. Lastly, DIY installation also affects your homeowner’s insurance claim. If you go pro, you reduce the chances of being denied a claim due to the nature of the door installation.

 3. Security 

A door protects you and your property. The front door and other entrance doors need to be fully secured to prevent unauthorized entry. When you go pro, you ensure that all doors are correctly installed to reduce burglary incidences. A professional can also advise you on the different types of locks available in the market to bolster your security.

4. Insulation 

A door is a potential leaking spot for air inside your home. Poor installation can cause the leaking of hot or cold air in and out of the room. Air leakage increases your energy bill since you have to consume more energy to either heat or cool the house. When you go pro, you ensure that your door fits the allocated space perfectly. 

Save Yourself the Headache

DIY installations may be exciting ventures, but only if you have the requisite knowledge and tools. If you are replacing the doors in your home, going pro will save you the headache of door installation.


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