10 Things That Are Sure to Devalue Your Property

10 Things That Are Sure to Devalue Your Property

It is estimated that within 30 seconds of walking into a home, the buyer already makes a decision.

The buyer can learn a lot about a house based on the neighborhood and condition of the home.

If you want someone to buy your home you need to limit the number of things that devalue it.

Continue reading to discover the top things that can devalue your home during the appraisal. Along with ways to combat these issues!

1. Bad Curb Appeal

Having bad curb appeal is one of the biggest reasons for your appraisal coming in so low.

If your home needs a fresh coat of paint and a quick clean on the outside, you should do it before your home is appraised. Cutting the lawn and keeping landscaping under control can also make your home look better.

You can also boost your homes curb appeal by fixing shingles on the roof and cleaning up any messes.

2. Foreclosed Homes

Although you have nothing to do with the neighbor that couldn’t afford their home, says OmniKey Realty, unfortunately foreclosures can affect your appraisal.

Homes within a close distance to foreclosures can devalue your home. Fortunately, it is not always easy for people to identify foreclosures. Some people think that if there are houses foreclosed on, the neighborhood is declining and the homes are too expensive.

3. Signs of Sinkholes

If you live in an area with sinkholes and damage, you may have a difficult time getting a good value for your home.

Sinkholes are a concern for many people buying homes. They can make getting homeowners insurance a nightmare. Not to mention, sinkholes can grow and collapse at any time.

To combat this issue, you should research the area and learn about what you can do in your town to fix the issue.

4. Close to City Dumps and Power Plants

Have you ever noticed that homes near garbage dumps and power plants tend to cost a little less?

Living near these locations can devalue your home and hinder your selling chances. Depending on the size of a power plant, you may not be affected. There is not much that you can do about being close to these locations, a fence can help block out unwanted sights, however.

Planting trees and flowers around your home can help clean the air and make your house smell pleasant.

5. The Neighbor’s Yard

If your landscaping is done to perfection and the home is beautiful, your appraisal can still run low.

Do you have a neighbor that refuses to cut or maintain their lawn? Or maybe they have toys and garbage everywhere. Homebuyers consider the neighborhood when buying and messy neighbors can hurt your selling price.

Having a calm conversation with your neighbor may be able to help you solve the issue. If not you can try talking to the neighborhood or city for help with cleaning.

6. Noise

Some noise is acceptable but if you have planes frequently flying over your home or a train nearby, your value may drop.

Freeways and busy roads are other culprits of noise. Noise pollution has a big impact on people deciding which home to choose. To not make this an issue, try planting thick trees around your home and adding a privacy fence.

The fence and trees should help absorb and block the excess noise.

7. Fracking

Not all areas have to deal with this issue but anyone around a fracking spot knows that it can devalue your home.

The machines used for fracking are loud and make noise nonstop. They produce fumes and noise that no one wants to be around. Fracking affects more than just your home’s value, but also the quality of water!

Voting against fracking in your town can increase the value of your home.

8. Being near a Jail

It should be no surprise that living near a jail or correctional facility will devalue your home.

Homes are appraised at a lower price near jails because many homebuyers don’t like the idea of being so close to unsafe people. Not only does it increase the risk of unsafe situations, but it also increases traffic in the area.

A privacy fence and security system can help relieve worries for buyers.

9. Billboards Are Nearby

Unless you are living in Times Square, billboards will likely devalue your home.

People don’t want to be looking at billboards every day, they would much prefer to look at open land and water. Billboards are a sign that major roads are nearby as well. This means that traffic will be high, which also plays a role in home appraisals.

10. Cemeteries and Funeral Homes

If you live near a cemetery or funeral home, don’t be surprised if the value of your home runs low.

People don’t want to live near these locations because of fears and concerns. Cemeteries also increase traffic in the area, especially on holidays. One of the perks of living in these areas, however, is that it is quiet.

Putting up privacy fences and plants that block the view of a cemetery can help your home’s value.

Fight Back so That You Don’t Devalue Your Home

The list above shows all of the things that can devalue your home.

Unfortunately, not all of these items on the list are under your control. Even if you have things to workaround, you can always fight back and show the value of your home.

One of the best methods for blocking out noise pollution and bad views is by planting trees and getting a privacy fence. Although many things can devalue your homes, there are solutions you can do.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles on moving homes and how to get the most money for your house!


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