10 Must-Have’s When Moving Into A New Home

A New Home

Moving to a new house can be a stressful process for many as there is a lot to move and organise both before and after moving day, but with a bit of forward planning and preparation, you can begin the seamless moving process bit by bit. Your move will also become easier when you choose to hire a moving company to help you out. 

To make your move stress-free, we have compiled a list of 10 must-haves that you should bring with you when moving into a new home:

Power Tools 

One of the main elements to bring with you when moving to a new house is power tools, particularly if you are moving into a home that needs some work. Not only will they be on hand to help you build furniture, but they can also be used to complete other tasks should they need to.

When you have power tools, you won’t have any problems assembling furniture and adding hooks on walls. Power tools will also make it easy for you and your family to live comfortably in your new house as these can help you make minor repairs and adjustments to the space.

 Whether you take advantage of roofing sheets for sale in the new year or you decide to design the home with custom-built shelves, you will have the equipment to help you achieve your goals. 

Pots And Pans 

When moving into a new house, you want it to be as seamless as possible therefore bringing pots and pans as well as other essentials for your kitchen will allow you to cook dinner with ease the night that you move in. 

Moving to a new home will require days or weeks of unpacking boxes. During this time, you and your family will have to eat, which is why bringing pots and pans is always a must. Thus, bringing these items ensure that you and your family will have something to eat the moment you arrive in your new home. 


In addition to the pots and pans, it is essential that you bring a hoover. This will not only help you to clean up the mess after you have unpacked, but this will help you to freshen carpets and make your house feel homely when you have moved in, particularly if the house has been left for a long time. 

Light Bulbs 

If you are moving into a house that has been left alone for a while, light bulbs may be needed to ensure that all the light fixtures work. Whether you decide to bring them with you when you move or you decide to buy a new set of bulbs on moving day, this will help to make the house feel comfortable from the get-go. 

When bringing light bulbs to your new home, make sure that these are packed securely. Light bulbs are very fragile and putting them with other items in one box can possibly damage them. 

Ideally, wrap your light bulbs with bubble wraps and then add several layers of scrap paper. Tape everything tightly and position them properly in a box. You can also place some old clothes inside the box to prevent the lightbulbs from moving around and bumping into other lightbulbs during the move. 

Coat Hangers 

Though this may seem like a strange item to bring with you when you move, this will allow you to move in entirely and begin anew. By filling the wardrobe with your clothes, you make finding items of clothing much easier and reduce the need to rummage through boxes. Whether you have you unpacking upstairs and your other half packing downstairs, bringing coat hangers will allow you to organise your wardrobe space instantly as soon as you are done unpacking. 

Storage Boxes 

If you are bringing a number of items that cannot be hung or placed on the wall straight away, it is important to ensure that you have the space to house your items, by bringing storage boxes you can then place them under the stairs on in the loft to make room for other items in your home. 

You’ll have a hard time staying comfortable in your new home if the space is cluttered. Do you think you and your family will like to stay inside your new home if several items are lying everywhere? Where will your family sit or dine if this is the case? Storage boxes are important because these can help you organize your space and ensure that your valuables have designated storage spaces.

Storage boxes can also be used when you’re moving. Instead of buying moving boxes, use storage boxes to transport your clothes, linens, and other lightweight items. The more storage boxes you’ll bring, the easier it’ll be for you to move your valuables to your new home. 


Whether you have bought your old bedding with you or you have just bought a brand-new set, bringing it with you and placing it on the bed will help you to feel as though you have officially moved in. Fresh bedding will help you to feel comfortable as you sleep and will help you to enjoy your new beginning. 

Wall Art 

Whether you are looking to decorate the living room, spare bedroom, or the master bedroom, a piece of wall art can help you to make your house a home almost instantly. Whether it is a picture of you and your significant other or just a landscape, this will help to fit the décor of the home and make it feel more comfortable. 


Having what you need on the first night is a must and with shampoo and conditioner from the old house, you can have a shower and clean off after a busy day of unpacking.


The final must-have when moving to a new house is pillows and other furnishings. These not only help to dress up the room, but they make the house feel more comfortable when you move in.

Whether you are moving to a new house in the new year or you are just in the process of putting your home on the market, we are sure that you will have a positive experience when planning ahead. 






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