5 Amazing Hemp Products You Need To Try!

5 Amazing Hemp Products You Need To Try!


Hemp products are in no way a new up-and-coming scene. The world has been cultivating and using hemp products since the beginnings of early civilizations because of the benefits it creates for soil, its high nutrition, and its strong medium as a material for building and manufacturing. Yet somehow along history, much of these benefits were forgotten and laid to the side in favor of often times, less durable and beneficial materials. Fortunately in recent years there have been many initiatives which are bringing back hemp into our daily lives and changing the way we live, whether it be in our everyday fashion, for our physical and mental health, or to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Here is a sample of five amazing hemp products changing the world:

  1. Hemp Clothing and Accessories

As many as 8,000 years ago, hemp cord was used as a medium for creating clothing and shoes. But somehow along history, we began opting to use materials like cotton and denim for our everyday clothing. This is in spite of the fact that hemp fiber a much durable and more sustainable eco-friendly option – this is because cotton requires a large amount of water for cultivation. Hemp, on the other hand, requires 50% of the water needed to grow cotton on a large scale.

But most importantly, clothing made out of hemp fiber is more breathable, and makes for much more comfortable clothing than our mainstream shirts and jeans. These days, there are now hemp shirts, jeans, shoes, coats and jackets, hats and beanies, socks, scarves, bags and tote-bags, ties, wallets, overalls…the list goes on! You can easily outfit your everyday look using hemp fibers, and be more comfortable while you are at it.

  1. CBD Hemp Flowers

Is cannabis not sitting well with you because of high THC content? Then CBD hemp flowers might be the better alternative for you. Hemp flowers are similar to cannabis flowers in that they are both the buds of the plants, but hemp flowers have a much lower to non-existent amount of THC, replaced by higher levels of CBD. For those of us in need of something to ease our anxiety, then this might be the next best alternative. Berkshire CBD has a great collection of hemp flowers on sale. You can use regular contraptions for smoking hemp flowers as you would with cannabis – but if you are in need of a healthy alternative to smoke hemp flowers with the least impact on your lungs while keeping the full effect of the hemp flowers, then you might opt for a glass blunt.

  1. Hemp Vape Juice / Vaping Oil

You can “hop over to here” to investigate further about the legal high vape juice. New alternatives for vaping hemp are making hemp available for vapers as well. Vaping hemp oil is considered the best way to smoke if you are interested more in experiencing the effects of CBD over THC. Keep in mind that this is not the same as regular hemp oil, and when you purchase hemp oil for vaping, you will need to make sure that the oil you buy includes vegetable glycerin and/or propylene glycol, as these are specifically produced for vaping. If you are a vaper with your own vape pen, then you may want to look into vaping hemp extracts. Or if you are new to vaping, then you can look into getting a herbal vaporizer or a flower vaporizer.

Hemp Vape Juice / Vaping Oil

  1. Hemp Oil for Skin and Body Care

Hemp is a great medium for taking care of your skin, as they have high lelvels of omega-3 and omega-6. They also have higher rates of vitamins B, C, and E, and amino acids. These are great for treating rough areas of your skin, scalp, and taking care of your hair, as well as treating any potential wrinkles. Recently, hemp oil is being used more and more in shampoos and conditioners, oils for taking care of your scalp, lotions for treating skin problems such as eczema, soaps for moisturizing your skin, and hemp facial creams and lotions for making your face glow. You can use simple hemp oil, or look into a variety of companies making products which include hemp oil.

  1. Hemp Paper

Did you know that hemp can also be used to produce paper? Paper made out of hemp is a great alternative for the future compared to paper made out of trees. This is because hemp grows faster, allowing for higher supply, and the amount of paper produced by a single acre of hemp can go a lot further than a single acre of trees – this is because hemp has higher concentrations of cellulose than regular trees, which is the key ingredient for making paper.  Paper made out of trees is a great contributor to deforestation, making growing hemp at fast rates a great way to conserve trees. Not only is it environmentally better to use hemp paper, but it is also good for having the most durable paper. Hemp paper is significantly more durable than paper made of trees, and it doesn’t yellow over time. In fact, it was the original medium for making paper until the 1900s, when lobbyists began making efforts to prohibit the cultivation of hemp in the U.S. The time is now for hemp paper to make a comeback for the sake of better paper and reducing climate change.


These are just five different ways that hemp is making a difference in our lives. But don’t forget that there are many more alternative ways which hemp products are changing the world, and there are sure to be more unique products made out of hemp in the future as we discover new uses. With that said, don’t forget to look into hemp alternatives of existing everyday products!


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