How to Help an Addicted Adult: 7 Tips for Parents

How to Help an Addicted Adult: 7 Tips for Parents

Addiction is a serious disease that impacts millions of lives. This is a terrible affliction that doesn’t care about age, race, or gender.

The road from addiction to recovery can be a challenging one. Especially for parents of addicted adults. After all, no parent should ever have to witness a child struggling the drug dependency, and the pain can be even more intense when their child is now an adult.

This article takes a look at tips for how to handle a drug addict child. Keep reading for a better understanding of what your loved one needs from you as they struggle with addiction.

1. It’s Not Your Job to Rescue Them

Parents often want to swoop in and save the day. Remember, it’s not your responsibility to rescue your adult. They’ve made bad choices, and you have to allow them to take steps to repair the damage they’ve caused.

2. Remind Them About the Power of Their Choices

Bad choices caused resulted in addiction. And until they understand that the same type of thinking and choices will continue to produce the same type of results, nothing will change. They need to be constantly reminded of this.

3. Don’t Place Your Finances in Jeopardy for Them

Again, you might feel the impulse to rescue them, but never put your finances at risk. Your adult child addict can quickly ruin you and won’t hesitate to do so. This might be very hard to hear but it’s the truth.

4. Protect Yourself and the Rest of Your Family

Addicts often become unpredictable and violent. They will lie and manipulate. They will steal from you and your family and blame you for every problem in their life.

Thus it’s important to protect yourself as well as the rest of your family. Keep everyone safe and be very aware of the addict’s patterns of behavior.

5. Remember to Love Yourself

As a parent, it’s easy to blame yourself for your adult child’s destructive behavior. Their situation might make you feel like a failure. This is very common and understandable.

And yet it’s crucial to love yourself and to acknowledge that you aren’t responsible for their decisions.

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6. Don’t Enable Their Behavior

You must find a way to love your child without enabling their behavior. The simple truth is that you can’t help someone who won’t help themselves. Again, they will lie and manipulate, but you have to be strong enough to see through the lies and not give them what they want.

7. Be Prepared for a Relapse

When it comes to addiction, relapse is always a possibility. So prepare yourself for your adult child to fall back into their destructive behavior. This is common with addicts, so don’t panic and blame yourself for not doing enough to help them.

Important Advice for Parents of Addicted Adults

Addiction touches many lives. This includes young and old alike. Parents of addicted adults need to learn how to love a grown child as they struggle with recovery. Fortunately, the information contained here can help.

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