Does Holistic Dentistry Work Well?

Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry is a non-traditional approach to treating dental problems that can arise in the  mouth by reducing the bacteria that causes tooth decay and infections. It’s safe, and HolisticDentistryUSA has a long history of helping patients save teeth, reduce plaque build-up, and relieve pain. But how well does it really work?

Understanding the Benefits of Holistic Dentistry 

Holistic dentistry uses ozone therapy, which is a colorless, natural gas comprised of three oxygen atoms that can inactivate the bacteria that leads to tooth decay. Low Ozone concentrations (.1 ppm) are enough to reduce bacterial cells and spores in a single, short dentist appointment. By decreasing bacteria and killing infections, painful inflammation can also start to reside and teeth have time to heal without invasive procedures, such as drilling to remove cavities. 

It can also reduce enough bacteria to prevent the need for deep cleanings, which use sharp instruments and places a lot of pressure on the teeth and mouth. Deep cleanings are a common treatment for gum disease. Although it can be completed with local anesthetics, it’s still a procedure that makes many patients uncomfortable.

Holistic dentistry is safe for patients of all ages. Some parents prefer to use the non-traditional option in place of fluoride treatments. Most holistic dentists also don’t recommend fillings with mercury. Both fluoride and mercury may be unsafe for people. 

What Do the Experts Say?

Dental professionals agree that holistic has a positive value for patients, and it’s already a major treatment option throughout Europe and South America. But they do agree that ozone treatment isn’t a cure-all, and traditional techniques for some dental procedures and problems are still necessary. Specifically, once damage exists, you can’t undo it. 

Dentists in both fields tend to agree, William C. Domb, explains in a review for Interventional Neuroradiology, “however, once there’s a hole, there’s a hole, and sometimes our full restorative technologies need to be brought to bear in order to repair the damage.”

Holistic dentistry can also stop the spread of infections for patients with root canals. Although it may not save the tooth, it can be a very therapeutic option to promote tissue regeneration and bone healing, reducing the necessity for more invasive procedures. Most dentists agree that any technique to save a patient’s natural tooth is beneficial. 

It’s a Painless Solution for a Few Dental Conditions

One of the biggest perks of holistic dentistry is it’s painless. Traditional dental procedures, from cleanings to cavity fillings and crowns, can be painful. Plus, the idea of just going to the appointment scare many patients into staying far away from the dentist until the pain from dental issues becomes unbearable. (

Yes, holistic dentistry is very beneficial to patients for reducing bacteria and providing a pain-free dental experience. For patients with a valid fear of the dentist, it can be the one treatment to get them back into the dental chair and help clear up some of their anxiety and pain. Additionally, if a patient needs more traditional tooth repairs, holistic dentistry is a great first step to helping them move past their fears and making their teeth healthy again.


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