Your Ultimate Guide to Buying Anniversary Flowers

Your Ultimate Guide to Buying Anniversary Flowers

Approximately 2.3 million American couples get married every year in the US. And while most people believe their wedding day will be the best day of their lives, it’s what comes after that makes a marriage.

Still, celebrating this amazing, life-changing moment is a great way to keep the romance alive in your relationship. You might want to celebrate your wedding day or just the moment that you met. Whatever the occasion, anniversary flowers are the way forward!

But just how can you nail buying flowers for your anniversary?

Well, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind. Read on to find out exactly how to pick the best ‘Happy Anniversary’ flowers.

The Most Popular Types of Flowers for Anniversaries

Flowers are a great way to communicate with someone that you love and show them you’re thinking of them. They brighten up a home and are a luxury we don’t often buy for ourselves. This is why they make the perfect anniversary gift.

Red roses are probably some of the most symbolic flowers of romance you can find. In fact, ancient mythology claims they were created by Aphrodite, the goddess of love, herself! So it’s no wonder they’re a go-to for anyone trying to show their feelings.

Other popular flowers that people use to express their love include tulips – just make sure you choose the right color. Red tulips represent love but white ones represent regret or an apology. Most people don’t know this, but you don’t want to accidentally miscommunicate with your flowers!

Camellias also prove popular for anniversaries as they present faithfulness and long-lasting love. Or why not opt for a blue Iris to demonstrate the faith you have in your partner and the hope they give you for the future?

Finally, orchids make a great gift that someone can cherish for a long time. They’re also perfect for an anniversary as they symbolize love, hope, and luck! Who wouldn’t want those gifts?

Is It a Special Anniversary?

Before you pick your flowers, also take a moment to remember which anniversary you are celebrating. You might not know it, but most anniversaries have an official flower to celebrate them!

For example, carnations are the official flower for a first anniversary. And sunflowers are third-anniversary flowers.

Your loved one might not know this but it’s a great way to find inspiration for the perfect bouquet. And it will demonstrate that you’ve taken the time to think about your gift rather than picking the first bouquet you saw.

The list of official anniversary flowers includes:

  • Cosmos for second anniversaries
  • Geraniums for fourth anniversaries
  • Daisies for fifth anniversaries
  • Calla lilies for sixth anniversaries
  • Freesias for seventh anniversaries
  • Lilacs for eight anniversaries
  • Bird of Paradise for ninth anniversaries
  • Daffodils for tenth anniversaries
  • Tulips for eleventh anniversaries
  • Peonies for twelfth anniversaries
  • Chrysanthemums for thirteenth anniversaries
  • Dahlias for fourteenth anniversaries
  • Roses for fifteenth anniversaries
  • Aster for twentieth anniversaries
  • Irises for twenty-fifth anniversaries
  • Lilies for thirtieth anniversaries
  • Gladiolas for fortieth anniversaries
  • Yellow roses or violets for fiftieth anniversaries

But you might not want to pick the ‘official’ flowers for your anniversary bouquet. If this is the case, have a think if there’s another way to acknowledge the day in your bouquet.

For example, silver is the 25-year anniversary color. You might not find silver flowers but opting for pale hues is a lovely nod to the years that you’re celebrating with your loved one.

Mix it Up

While some flowers are the ‘official’ anniversary flowers for each year this doesn’t mean your bouquet has to be boring. Combining different flowers in your bouquet can make it look really impressive even if you opt for discount flowers.

Tulips, for example, look amazing with Gerber Daises if you want a vibrant bouquet. Or for a calmer pallet take a look at putting together Sweet Alyssum and Gazanias.

This is also a great way to put your own twist on a traditional rose bouquet. Combine pink roses with Alstroemeria and Gypsophila. Or team red roses with red Grevillea and Pistache leaves.

Personalize Your Anniversary Flowers

When it comes to your anniversary flowers, don’t forget who you’re buying for. There are loads of ways you can personalize your loved one’s flowers to make them extra special.

If they have a favorite bouquet or color pallette keep this in mind. And think about where they might display them so they can really enjoy them every day.

Thinking back to moments in your relationship can help to give you some great inspiration for your anniversary bouquet. For example, a bouquet of the flowers you had at your wedding is a lovely way to acknowledge this special occasion. Or if you bought them flowers when you first met, replicating this arrangement is really romantic!

Try to vary the bouquet you buy each year. Going for something that’s tried and tested is a safe option but this can often be misconstrued as a lack of effort on your part. So take the time to change things up and create a totally new bouquet for your loved one to enough!

And don’t forget the card. A heartfelt message is the perfect way to accompany a beautiful bouquet and let your loved one know you’re thinking of them, wherever they are. They’ll be able to hold onto this long-after the flowers have died out.

Which Flower Are You Going to Pick?

When it comes to anniversary flowers the world really is your oyster! To find the ultimate bouquet, set time aside for this special purchase so you can pick out the best flowers.

And for help treating your loved ones keep scrolling for more great gift inspiration.


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