Taking a Closer Look at your Kitchen Sink

Picking the Right Kitchen Sink for Your Home

If sinks had a superhero, what would it be?

According to sink manufacturers, interior designers, and kitchen remodelers, the ledge sinks are the superheroes that every kitchen needs. While you don’t see those wearing capes, you can find them flaunting the occasional colander, drain mat, and cutting board.

Ledge sinks or workstation sinks come with pre-made grooves that hold the attachments like the ones we have mentioned above securely. That is one of the primary reasons these sinks are popular among all consumers looking to deck their new kitchens or renovate their old ones.

What does the kitchen remodel trend from the last couple of years say about workstation sinks?

In the last two years, renovation trends have undergone some “renovation” themselves. People are most likely to upgrade their backsplashes, countertops, and sinks during their kitchen renovations. Around 89% of the time, homeowners believe that their need to update their sink models and they pick engineered quartz to complement their sink choices.

In truth, workstation sinks in stainless steel complete with engineered-wood-trimmed accessories add an elegant charm to the kitchen countertop. Around 27% of the homeowners pick multi-colored and white for their countertops and backsplashes. These are ushering contemporary and farmhouse style interiors into the kitchens of the millennial homeowners.

What defines a good workstation kitchen sink?

Irrespective of the different sizes, mounting type, and material, the ledge sinks have one feature in common – they have one integral ledge on the inside of the sink. That helps in creating at least two different working levels within the sink. Every workstation sink comes with multiple, extensible functionality.

Not everyone can afford a large counter space irrespective of the size of their kitchen or countertop. However, they can opt for a workstation sink that maximizes the available workspace by creating more than one working level. Anyone with a sink that doubles as a colander, drying rack or cutting board, does not need to extend their countertop.

For extending your workspace, you can always attach the chopping board to the sink. Designate one side of the board for meat and the other side for veggies. When hand-washing dishes, you can use the drain mat on the right or left side of the sink. When not doing the dishes, you can roll it up and stow it away in the cupboard.

The sink without any add-ons provides ample preparing or cleanup space. So, it makes sense to choose a larger sink, even though it might be costlier than a smaller one. Those with restricted kitchen space or smaller countertops should also consider slightly bigger sinks that your counter can accommodate. Whether you choose to top mount it or under-mount it, the sink should be able to provide you with a flexible workspace.

Which sink workstations are popular among homeowners and interior designers?

The most multi-tasking and easy-to-maintain chef sinks are the rectangular ones. It offers smooth slots that enable easy and free movement of accessories from the left to the right. The larger ones can accommodate two top-layer accessories like the colander and the chopping board at the same time. Always choose a workstation sink from a renowned brand that offers the working space at the counter level, so you don’t have to bend or strain.

The larger sinks can come with multiple accessories. The range of accessories can vary from one sink brand to another. You need to ensure that the kitchen sink workstation you pick has the extensions you require frequently. If you cook pasta, noodles, or boiled veggies almost daily, you need to pick one that comes with a colander. Similarly, drying rack, drain mat, and cutting board is add-ons that people use almost every day. Now, if your sink of choice does not offer either one of these add-ons, you need to consider investing in individual pieces that fit in the kitchen sink slot.

Which sinks comprise a workstation sink?

Workstation or chef’s sink is a term for sinks that offer multi-tasking opportunities at more than one layer. So, you can take a top-mount stainless steel sink that has a step rim and doubles as a workstation sink. Or, you can have a bottom-mount fireclay apron front sink that has a ledge to moonlight as a sink workstation.

The possibility of choosing from a wide range of mounting styles, sink designs, materials, and sizes are both flattering and exhausting for any homeowner and interior designer. The sheer variety available through modern design technology ensures that you can find the best value for your workstation sink without sacrificing the quality.

What should you know before heading into a store buying workstation sinks?

Shopping online for workstation sinks is super easy nowadays. Most seller websites and retailers have created dedicated sections of all types of workstation sinks in the market. You could possibly search for “buy workstation kitchen sink near me” and land upon all websites and land-based stores in your area that sell these sinks.

Moreover, you can filter your workstation sink search results by the material. You can specifically look at sinks in stainless steel, fireclay, granite, composite, or marble. Porcelain workstation sinks might not be such a great idea since converting your kitchen sink to a hub of multi-tasking calls for some heavy-duty activity there. Dropping the accessories, or heavy utensils can easily crack the porcelain. Stick to sturdier and sustainable material, including stainless steel for your workstation sink.

While you are at the store (physically or virtually), don’t forget to take a look at the single bowl, double bowl, contemporary style, traditional make, and varying radius corner sinks. Remember to pick the style that complements your kitchen interior and maximizes the potential of your countertop space.

Which kitchen sink workstation should your kitchen have?

According to a study by Houzz in 2019, most homeowners and kitchen remodelers in the US choose stainless steel over fireclay and composite due to its durability. Moreover, white is the color of choice for any material other than stainless steel. If you are thinking of exploring materials other than steel, you should consider fireclay or cast iron sinks in white.


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