Pink Mold – Health Concerns, Prevention Tips & Removal Procedures

pink mold health effects

Molds, one of the most common household problems, are of many kinds of which pink molds are the least dangerous. However, they are still harmful and need to be immediately acted upon. You can always do the removal process yourself, but appointing Miami mold removal services or something of the same can turn out to be easier. Here is detailed information about the prevention and self-removal techniques of pink molds.

  • An introduction to Pink Mold: –

Pink Mold is a kind of bacteria that situates itself in the dark and damp areas. Its primary habitat is the different areas of bathrooms like bathtubs, washbasins, tile grouts, etc. It can also make its appearance in the mirror backs, carpets, etc. As its name suggests, they have a kind of slimy body structure. They appear in either pinkish or pinkish-orange stain; this color variation happens for several reasons. Their main ingredient of survival is soap and shampoo residues.

  • Their effect on human beings: –

Pink Mold adversely affects your health. Human lungs are more in danger than other body parts, for, this bacterium causes lung inflammation, infection, and bleeding. It is also capable of instigating allergic reactions in the form of rashes. Elderly people and babies are more prone to the disease because of their low immune power.

Also, if you happen to have a pet, you will have to keep an extra eye, pink molds affect them too. Among the other diseases caused by pink molds, there are urinary tract, bladder infection, Pneumonia and Bronchitis, bone infection, meningitis, blood poisoning, etc. And in the case of wounds, put in more care to prevent any adverse effect from pink molds.

  • Hacks for preventing molds: –

You can prevent pink molds in the following ways. Firstly, try to keep the bathroom areas clean from any soap and shampoo residue. Use a fan or keep the doors and windows of the bathroom open, during or after the shower, respectively. Mend the leaking pipes and taps immediately. Replace your carpet with something which can be washed and dried easily, like a rug. In short, keep out your house from any dampness, and if needed, spray disinfectant on a regular basis.

  • Self-removal procedures: –

Removing pink molds is nowhere easy, but then there are few ways to do so. You can apply a disinfectant along with either bleach or vinegar in the infected area. Never use vinegar and bleach at the same time. Avoid any skin contact with the mold itself.  Thus, always make use of goggles, gloves, mask, etc. and finish the clean-up with a biocide so that the mold does not multiply over. You can also choose a paste of dish detergent and baking soda. One and all advice is that opting for a professional mold removal service is the best because they are equipped with all the necessities.

These are some of the basics that one needs to know about pink molds so that he or she is well aware of their effect and thus can act accordingly in all aspects.


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