10 Amazing Dog Haircuts from Professional Dog Grooming Services

10 Amazing Dog Haircuts from Professional Dog Grooming Services

Your furry friends deserve the best and nothing says a beautiful new haircut. While dogs are the usual go-to for beautiful animal stylings, any animals with fur can benefit from a cute new look.

Finding the perfect look, as well as the perfect dog grooming services, can be tricky. There are so many options it can be easy to get lost in them all.

We’ve narrowed down 10 of our favorite looks, and one fantastic grooming service, to guide you on your path. We’re sure you and your furry friend will be so excited.

1. The Perfect Ball

It an obvious scientific fact that round things are adorable. For the dog with a lot of fluff, the perfect round ball can be a delightful look!

A popular item in Japan, trimming dogs into poofy perfect shapes can be a delightful look. Who does love a pair of loving eyes coming from a fluffy ball or even a square shape! It is the right amount of weird and fun.

2. Pig Tail Ears

Ears can add a lot of character to a dog’s appearance. Why not take it a step farther and get a haircut to accentuate those ears?

This style can include a lot of details. From shaving around the head to accentuate the ear fur to styling the ear fur with bows or product to make it stand out.

3. The Flowing Mane

Like the majestic lion, a big and flowing mane can give an air of elegance and power. Accentuating your pet’s long hair can be great in this circumstance.

You can do this in a frill around the hair for the curlier and poofier hair. It can also be a long flowing streak of hair down the back for the longer haired dogs.

4. Bell Bottom Legs

You can recreate the old school design of bell-bottom flared pants in several kinds of adorable trimming styles.

The core concept here is to trim up dog fur to have a flared out or even rounded legs. This gives them an appearance of poofy or flared out “pants”.

This style, like many of the rounded fur designs, does work best with dogs with curly or soft hair. Long-haired dogs will have a much harder time with these designs, but they have a few of their own below.

5. Colored Fur

Sometimes it isn’t the shape or the style that catches the eye, but the color. Colored hair has become a popular trend amongst people, why not on some furry animals.

Small streaks often work best, so as to not cover up the dog’s natural fur color. You can do this around this mane to replicate the same color streaks found in their owners!

A big word of warning here. Do not attempt this at home and definitely not with any random hair coloring kit.

There are specific fur coloring kits made for animals and you must take care so they do not chew or lick on the colored areas. This is often why groomers stick to color the top of their heads only.

6. Unique 3D Designs

This is where designs can get a bit weird, but a bit of creativity can go a long way. With solid enough hair, you can cut any kind of design into your animal’s fur, from abstract cubes to portraits.

This heavy art style can make for a few odd looks, but if done by a professional groomer, it will be safe for the animal. Make sure the breed you are grooming is one who does not need its thick fur and is alright with shaving in the first place!

7. The Classic Poodle

A classic style that highlighted an entire breed of dogs, the poodle has fame across the world. With a good groomer, you don’t have to limit the style to only poodles.

The small bobs of fur on the ends of legs, around the neck, and at the tip of the tail are iconic and adorable. You can add or subtract any number of bobs, making the design your own.

8. Long Straightened Hair

For the long-haired dogs, this is your time to shine. With long, thin hair more in common with people, many breeds of dogs have hair perfect to style like their owners.

You can trim up beards, long hair, curls, or any other design that you could with human hair. This can be a great exercise between the owner and their pets, letting them share a style can be a bonding experience.

9. Pony Tails and Ties

Sometimes the simplest designs can have the most impact.

After a good cleaning and brushing, some simple hair ties can make for a cute look without the more drastic cutting and trimming.

As with human hair, you can use hair ties in a variety of ways. You can create ponytails or pigtails with hair on your pet’s head.

Be careful of putting hair ties in too tight for your pet. Animals don’t always understand what they mean and can dig and pull at them. If they are wound too tight, they can pull hair.

10. Flowers and Bows

Similar to the hair tie ideas, but for a more aesthetic flourish. This also doesn’t require you to tie or wrap up your pet’s fur in particular ways.

You can clip flowers or bows onto the fur as an embellishment. They make for great accents the same way many might wear a bow into their hair.

Finding the Perfect Dog Grooming Services

All of these gorgeous looks could be perfect for your furry friend. The problem is you can’t have any dog groomer give you this quality. You want a service you can be proud of.

For the perfect pet groomer, look into Groomit. They are a professional pet groomer with a friendly attitude and a great sense of customer service.

Happy Lives Start With Happy Pets

Your pets are family and getting the best for your furred companions is a great way to keep you both happy. The right dog grooming services are sure to put a smile on both of your faces.

Now both of you can tackle the world together! From healthy living to self-care, there is much you should be on the lookout and we at Tasteful Space are here to help. Check out our other articles today.


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