5 Tips For The Perfect Summer Picnic

Perfect Summer Picnic

Whether you’re an adventurous person who loves the outdoors, or simply enjoy a quiet afternoon in nature every now and then, nothing beats a big traditional picnic with family or friends. From the preparation to choosing a beautiful venue, a picnic is a great way to have fun with the people you love. With summer finally here, now is the perfect time to organise a picnic at your favourite venue. The great thing about a picnic is that it can be as easy or simple as you want it to be. Follow these 5 quick tips to have the perfect summer picnic in the coming months:

How to have the perfect summer picnic

Choose the perfect venue

No matter in what part of South Africa you live, there are beautiful picnic spots all over the country! Simply do a quick search on Google Maps with the keyword “picnic spots near me” and you will find several stunning venues that will suit your picnic requirements. Great options include: a botanical garden, a field in the mountains, the beach, on a riverbank or next to a swimming pool. Remember to phone the venue in advance to find out if your date is available and to find out if they have an entrance fee.

Make your favourite snacks

Everyone will agree that the best part of a picnic is the food and drinks. Decide in advance exactly which dishes or snacks you want to prepare. If you’re looking for inspiration, use Pinterest to get a few ideas. Find out from your guests if they have any dietary requirements and set up a small menu before the time. Great options for a picnic include cold meats, cheeses, dips, small salads and other finger foods. If you’re looking to save on food and drinks, be sure to check out your favourite grocery stores’ catalogues on Kimbino. Kimbino is a great platform where you can browse the latest catalogues from a variety of stores and get your hands on amazing deals. For example, if you search for “Makro specials” you will find this store’s best and most recent discounts. Also be sure to keep an eye out for the Makro R100 deals where you can save a lot on food and drinks.

Pack the picnic basket

Once you have prepared your favourite picnic food and drinks, it’s time to pack the picnic basket. If you don’t have one, be sure to find a multifunctional one at a lower cost with Makro South Africa. They have a range of high-quality baskets that is ideal for big picnics with family or friends. When you pack your basket make sure that you pack heavy items at the bottom and separate cold items from warm items.

Organise fun activities

A picnic is the perfect opportunity to have some fun with your favourite people. Depending on your venue, it’s a great idea to pack fun games to play on the day. This can include mini cricket, tennis rackets, boardgames or card games. Usually, after a long day of eating and drinking many people become a bit lazy and sleepy. Organising fun activities will keep the energy up! If you don’t have any games at home, find one or two board or card games on the latest Marko special. Makro South Africa really has something for the whole family in store.

Don’t forget the decorations

To make your picnic extra special, take a long a few decorations. In fact, if you want to go all out, add a theme to your day and ask everyone to dress up. Again, you can browse Pinterest for inspiration. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, a few flowers, cushions and fairy lights can look amazing!

With the December holidays around the corner, now is the perfect time to organise a picnic with your besties. Remember to plan in advance to ensure everything goes according to plan; you don’t want to drive all the way to the venue to find that they are closed! Invite your group of friends a few weeks before the day and make sure they RSVP. Once everything is organised and the picnic basket is packed, don’t forget to have fun! A picnic should be a relaxing activity after all!



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