5 Beautiful Diamond Alternatives to Consider for Engagement Rings

5 Beautiful Diamond Alternatives to Consider for Engagement Rings

Each year, over 2.3 million couples get married in America. That means there are thousands of proposals happening each day somewhere in the country.

Since most proposals include a diamond ring, that’s millions of dollars spent on diamonds.

But, diamonds aren’t your only option. There are other gems with the same value, shine, and durability. Some of them are more affordable and unique than diamonds.

If you’re looking for something to make your proposal truly one-of-a-kind, check out these diamond alternatives.

1. Sapphire

The most infamous wedding ring in the world held a sapphire jewel in the center. It was Princess Diana’s modestly priced engagement ring. Today, it sits on Kate Middleton’s finger.

For a dose of regalness and prestige, consider a sapphire engagement ring.

The deep blue tones of these gems represent faithfulness and longevity. Although they’re softer than diamonds, you don’t have to worry about being delicate with your hands.

2. Moissanite

What gem matches the rarity of diamonds and even looks similar? Moissanite.

This stone comes from fallen meteorites, making it extremely rare and valuable. However, you can find many lab-created versions for sale.

Moissanite is as hard and durable as diamonds, so it can be cut into any shape. Astrology and space buffs will find this gem extra special.

3. Ruby

No other gem represents passion and love like the ruby. Its deep red color denotes lust and desire. How romantic!

Prince Andrew proposed to the former Duchess, Sarah Ferguson, with a ruby engagement ring. As did Mark Zuckerberg to his fiancé.

These prestigious stones can be just as expensive as diamonds. Look for them in vintage jewelry stores and consignment shops. (Chalene.com)

4. Emerald

Your love is one-in-a-million, right? So are emerald engagement rings. These deep green stones are extremely rare and coveted.

Throughout history, only the highest level of royalty would have emerald jewels.

There are some superstitions around emeralds that might interest your bride. They’re said to protect the wearer from evil and even cure diseases.

5. Lab-Grown Diamonds

What if you truly want a diamond engagement ring, but not the price tag? Consider lab-grown diamonds for a more affordable ring.

These authentic diamonds are grown in a lab with advanced technology. Thus, they’re sustainably and ethically sourced.

Did you know that a traditional diamond disturbs 100 square meters of land to be mined and developed? And that one in 1000 diamond miners get injured each year?

You don’t have to worry about those issues with lab-grown diamonds.

Looking for More Diamond Alternatives?

You don’t have to settle for the same ring as every other bride. If your bride desires uniqueness and rarity, try one of the diamond alternatives above.

Or, consider a more ethically sourced diamond alternative, like lab-grown diamonds.

For tips on keeping your engagement ring safe and more, check out the Jewelry and Accessories section of the blog!


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