The Science of Shopping: What’s Driving the Thrill?

The Science of Shopping: What's Driving the Thrill?

Are you a sucker for a great sale? Whether you consider yourself a deal hunter or a fashionista, it’s hard to deny that shopping can have its thrills.

So what is it that makes us feel so motivated to buy? Read on to learn more about the science of shopping, why it feels so good, and how brands keep you coming back for more.

The Visual Aesthetic

From the moment you start shopping, your eyes begin to take in information. Humans, after all, are very visual creatures. We remember nearly everything we see.

Researchers estimate that a person will remember nearly 80% of the things they see. Unfortunately, this doesn’t extend to written words. Research estimates that we only remember a measly 20% of what we read.

Creating beautiful visuals is a strong motivator for companies that want to keep you engaged. Branding is everything.

You’re far more likely to remember a beautiful advertisement or store display than an ad you hear on the radio. Because of this, companies use visual stimuli in the hopes that you’ll soon become a repeat customer.

Pick Your Adventure

To make a sale, stores have an interest in keeping you interested. Because of this, stores are often organized by department. This allows the shopper to focus on the items that are relevant to their needs.

Shopping malls like the Garland Bazaar offer a similarly streamlined layout. Don’t need men’s footwear? Keep on walking. Shopping malls keep lingerie and landscaping equipment from sitting side by side on store shelves.

Keeping merchandise organized through separate stores or departments helps get shoppers to the items they want. It also helps the shopper save time and energy. We consider this practice to be a win for all parties involved.

Social Media: The Science of Shopping in Your Pocket

Social media has brought us lots of opportunities to connect. Want to get back in touch with a former classmate? Easy. Want to keep in touch with the cousin that lives out of state? Done.

What you may not realize, however, is that you aren’t just bonding with people when you’re scrolling on social media. Social media has given brands a unique opportunity. ( Instead of seeing an ad on television or a billboard on your commute, brands have the opportunity to take on a persona.

By creating feeds that function as interactive advertisements, brands have the chance to steal more of your attention than ever. Brands can further this effect by partnering with influencers.

Subtle product placements can be woven through posts. While the FCC has made many attempts to regulate influencer partnerships, it has been difficult.

Shop Smart

Being a savvy shopper doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying your trip to the mall. Knowing more about the science of shopping can help you make smart choices when you’re on the hunt for something special.

Whether you’re looking for new home decor or a winter jacket, being aware of the tricks brands use to reel you in can help you make buying decisions that make you happy for years to come.


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