How to Enable iPhone 7 Wireless Charging Feature?

iPhone 7 wireless charging

iPhone 8 series was the first-ever Apple cellphones that showed us that wireless charging is possible. Apart from frequent updates in the operating system and cellular features, this feature literally takes the brand a step ahead. We now have iPhone X, Phone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and so on, which offers wireless charging feature. The question here is, can we enable iPhone 7 wireless charging?

If you’re wondering if you can buy a charging pad for your iPhone and charge it without wires – well, that’s not going to work. You cannot also use Apple’s upcoming wireless charging pad with old iPhone versions like iPhone 7. But, there is still a way with which you can get through to wireless charger for iPhone 7. You just need a couple of inexpensive accessories to make this work.

How is iPhone 7 wireless charging possible?

At first, you need a case for receiving a wireless charge signal. The tech of AirPower present in iPhone 8 makes use of a chip that iPhone 7 doesn’t have. But if it did have it, the phone’s design would not be suitable to charge without a wire.

If you look at other phones that use wireless charging, you’d see that they usually have a glass or plastic backs like that of Samsung Galaxy S8. The metal rears of iPhone 7 aren’t suitable for wireless charging facilities. So, you need a receiver between the back of your phone and the wireless charging plate – this can be done with a case.

Check out Mophie Juice Pack Air case that adds transmitters in order to aid wireless charging. Lower-cost options like Nilkin can also work well. There have been some reviews that show that there are chances of a connection break after a few months or weeks. But that’s the gamble you do for trying iPhone 7 wireless charging possibilities.

Know the standards of Qi and PMA

AirPower makes use of a custom version of Qi like most wireless charging pads do. But one of the long-standing players to try wireless charging is Powermat that uses PMA instead. You can try both Qi and PMA as you can compare them just like we compare Blu-ray and HD DVD or VHS and BetaMax. These are competing standards that tend to serve similarly but have different techniques and features.

If you want to buy cheaper cases for iPhone 7 wireless charging and you’re okay with a single standard, we recommend you to get on board with Qi instead of PMA. Do you know that some Starbucks store in the US uses PMA chargers? But they have reported shifting to Qi as they’re ideal for iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

If you still want something low on cost, try Mophie Charge Force. It comes with an affordable Qi pad option and you can buy it from Antye or YooTech for more discounts. Antye Qi receiver case is about half the cost of Mophie alternatives.

You also get receivers that leave out the total case concept but connecting a 0.5mm thick panel at the back of your cellphone. This connects with the Lightning port of your iPhone. It might not be the best to look at but surely minimizes bulk and is usually fine with thin cases.

To have the ultimate wireless experience, check out the case that comes with a built-in battery. Mophie gives you a solution with this too with its Juice Pack Air.

Using a wireless pad

Now, you need to buy a transmitter, which is the wireless pad where you need to rest the iPhone 7 for charging. You can also make use of Apple’s AirPower pad to make your work easiest.

The transmitters you usually get online are Qi-based pads that support around 7.5W power output – that’s more the standard 5W that comes along with iPhone 7. But it will not charge the phone fast as Apple 12W charger would. Wireless charging is less effective compared to the traditional way.

Best Wireless Charging Base

Do you know that Belkin wireless charger is the Samsung version of a Boost Up pad? Do you know that is quite ahead of Apple variants? It also costs the same and has the max output of 15W that is double the level of Apple’s one. Moreover, it supports both Qi and PMA.

We can’t help but admit that the AirPower pad isn’t as good as such alternatives. Samsung sure does have much more experience in such areas and offer faster charging. Thus, you can always consider using Samsung’s charging pad. Since iPhone 7 wireless charging case is pretty much brand-agnostic, you must use the correct standard.

Lifestyle and budget factors

Honestly, there are other cheaper ways to charge your iPhone 7 without wires. You can try Anker PowerTouch 5W pad – it isn’t fast but it will still serve the purpose. It comes with a strong rubbery surface where you have to leave the phone. There is a rubber ring below that gives stability and neat carbon fiber that effects the sides.

A neat wireless charger doesn’t come from brands like IKEA but you can always try them too. You can look out for Rallen wireless pad and also their bedside table and lamp that is built-in with tech. The bedside unit is Seljie that has a large plus (+) sign to denote where the wireless transmitter sits. You can also consider products from Riggad. It comes with an LED lamp that works similar to Seljie.

IKEA does make many iPhone wireless charge cases and you can use the VitaHult. But these will generally work iPhone 5, 5S, 6, but not 7.

Final thoughts

The moment you’re planning to tamper the usual way of charging your iPhone device, you’re putting it through an unnatural way of using it. You need to face the consequences accordingly. For example, some might be costly while some might charge slowly. If you still want to charge your iPhone 7 without wires, try your experiment and see if it works for you. It is always fun to go wireless but make sure you choose something that makes you work easier and is worth the money you spend.


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