Priyanka Chopra Tattoo and Its Significance

priyanka chopra tattoo

While Nick Jonas is definitely the most important person in Priyanka Chopra’s life, there is another man who is irreplaceable. The Priyanka Chopra tattoo was dedicated to him and it is none other than her father Ashok Chopra.

Priyanka’s bond with her father is all over the media. From talking about him in every personal interview to singing a Marathi song that was dedicated to and named Baba (father) she has always expressed her love and gratitude for him. The tattoo is yet another way she showed her love for her father, while he was ailing with cancer.

What inspired the Priyanka Chopra Tattoo?

Being the organized and logical person that she is, Priyanka didn’t get a random tattoo done. She was extremely close to her father who passed away in 2013. Ashok Chopra was battling with cancer since 2008 and he passed away five years later.

The time was pretty tough for the entire family but Priyanka never stopped working. She was always high on energy and doing her best to help him recover. In an interview with Harper’s BAZAAR in 2018, the former Miss World said how she was close to her dad and how his demise changed her life entirely.

Priyanka said that losing her dad changed her in a lot of ways and created emptiness in her heart. She said it is always going to be like that but that she knows he’s always with him. Priyanka’s father was her greatest fan and biggest supporter. He was always happy with her achievements and he was a great achieve himself. Priyanka expressed how creative he was and how losing him made her lose insight into life. The actress often felt angry and abandoned because her father left her too soon. None-the-less, she always believes that his presence and blessings are with her.

Priyanka has always spoken about the impact her father had on her and how his death was something she couldn’t take. Since she shared a great bond, she decided to get a memento that reminded her of him every moment. This is how the Priyanka Chopra tattoo was crafted on her wrist and it wrote ‘Daddy’s lil girl’.

What does the tattoo mean?

Priyanka Chopra was shaken up due to the trauma she went through due to her father’s sickness. Once she got herself together, she went to a tattoo shop and got her emotions locked in forever. Her tattoo reads ‘Daddy’s lil girl’ she got it imprinted in her father’s handwriting.

The Priyanka Chopra tattoo was done in 2012, just a year before Ashok Chopra died while battling cancer. The tattoo doesn’t only remind her of him but is like a memento that shows how beautiful the Chopras are on the inside just as much on the outside.

Does Priyanka Chopra have more tattoos?

Till now Priyanka only has one tattoo that she had dedicated to her father. We don’t know about any private body parts that might have other tattoos or piercing, but she clearly doesn’t flaunt any other tattoo. There was a tattoo on her chest for the song she shot for her movie Ram Leela but that was a temporary one, specifically for the song.

With the level of makeup on Hollywood, she can cover up any tattoo she wants to. Even her wrist tattoo needs to be covered up while shooting for films or series. Since candid images haven’t shown up any other tattoos, we assume that the actress only has one permanent tattoo.

Although there is no more inking in her body, Priyanka has pierced herself once. However, this was way back when she was new in Bollywood. She had a navel ring that she eventually got rid of.

When asked by the Times of India, the actress said she got a piercing on her belly button at a ‘moment of madness’. She also revealed how her mother got angry with her due to the activity, but how her father got her a diamond to wear on the navel! She was happy to flaunt it at that time but she doesn’t adorn it anymore.

Priyanka’s bond with her parents

While Priyanka’s father has always supported her decisions and stood by her, Priyanka’s mother helped her lead a successful life. Priyanka has been lucky to have had Madhu Chopra all through her life to tell her what to do and what not to.

Priyanka has time and again exclaimed how much her mother helped her shape her career. Right from getting a basic portfolio and sending the pictures for review (that landed her into winning the biggest beauty pageant) to choosing the kind of projects she should take up – her mother has always been by her.

Although Priyanka misses her father a lot, she is grateful that her mother has always been with her. Madhu Chopra has always tried to be both the mother and father after her husband’s death. She knew how close her children were to their father and how to hold the family together when things were falling apart.

Currently, Madhu shares a great bond with son-in-law Nick Jonas and Priyanka’s family got extended too. She now has another father figure to her and definitely a loving mother-in-law.

What does the Priyanka Chopra Tattoo teach us?

While we see so many couples get matching tattoos and regret after breaking up, the Priyanka Chopra tattoo shows us the true meaning of relationships. There are few people in our lives that will always matter because of their contribution and parents are usually the first two people who fall under that list.

There is nothing wrong in having a couple-tattoo but it important to make sure that the relationship lasts. Priyanka’s contemporary in both Hollywood and Bollywood, Deepika Padukone, is a fine example of why lovers shouldn’t easily get tattoos on their body. She had once imprinted the initials of her former boyfriend who had deceived her during the relationship.

Both the actresses are now happy in their respective married lives. They are also leading an amazing career in Bollywood and Hollywood. Let us see what is more in store from our favorite celebrities as you stay tuned for more such updates!


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