Maternity Pictures: 7 Key Tips for the Perfect Maternity Photo Shoot

Maternity Pictures: 7 Key Tips for the Perfect Maternity Photo Shoot

On tough days full of morning sickness and dizzy spells, it might seem that your pregnancy is never-ending. But pregnancy is a far more fleeting experience than it feels right now.

This is why you should capture this special time before the birth of your baby with some professional maternity pictures. In the future, you’ll appreciate the chance to reminisce about the magical moment when you were growing a tiny human.

But it pays to prepare so that your maternity portraits are as perfect as you’d hoped. Read on to find out our top tips for your pregnancy photoshoot.

1. Choose a Photographer You Trust

Your photographer should be someone you’re comfortable with. This will ensure that your maternity photoshoot is an enjoyable experience, which will shine through in the photos.

Other aspects you’ll want to consider when choosing your pregnancy photographer are:

Style – Although a good professional photographer should be able to adapt to their client’s preferences, you don’t want to clash on style choices. Choose a photographer whose style matches yours and it will be easier to ensure both the photoshoot and the photos match your expectations.

Experience – It’s possible that a photographer who’s new to the game will be able to capture perfect images of your blossoming pregnancy. But it’s more likely that a photographer with years of experience will have perfected their craft to a finer degree.

Range – As well as experience, you want to make sure that your photographer can show consistent results with lots of different clients. Their portfolio should speak to their range and flexibility when it comes to making all their clients look as good as possible.

Price – While higher prices often mean better quality, other factors should take precedence. The best course of action is to find a photographer you love within your budget.

2. Get Your Timing Right

The beginning of the third trimester is often a good time to book in your pregnancy photoshoot. This will ensure your bump is on full display.

Around 30 weeks is also when pregnant women tend to feel their best. They’re often over the worst symptoms and aren’t yet experiencing the swelling, discomfort, and fatigue that can develop towards the end of the third trimester.

You might want to give your belly a little more time to grow, but you shouldn’t wait too long. After all, your little one might make a surprise early arrival!

3. Keep the Background Simple

Unless you’re dead set on a particular location, it’s often best to listen to your photographer’s recommendations.

They may prefer to work in their studio or perhaps they like shooting at a local beach or park. Either way, their experience means they’ll know when to get the best light and how to use the location to their advantage.

And, while outdoor photos can look great, the simplicity of a plain white background can often create some of the most striking images. Maternity photography is all about you and your bump. And overcrowded or dramatic backgrounds can be distracting.

4. Prepare Your Wardrobe

The slouchy t-shirt and leggings you wear every day might be comfortable but they’re not a good look for your pregnancy photoshoot. Instead, you’ll need to choose stylish maternity clothes that emphasize and highlight your shape.

A form-fitting dress is often the most popular and flattering item to wear for maternity poses. A flowing dress also works well as you can hold your belly for the photos.

Or, if you’d like a nude or underwear photoshoot, wear loose and comfortable clothing beforehand. You want to avoid clothes that will mark your skin.

5. Perfect Your Pregnancy Poses

The best maternity poses look natural but, in fact, they’re well-chosen stances to ensure you look great and your bump is on full display.

A winning pose is to stand at an angle with a slight bend in your leg. This will highlight your body’s beautiful S-shape.

The mom looking down at her growing belly is another maternity photography classic image. But you shouldn’t actually look down at your belly as this can cause a weird angle. Instead, gaze towards the floor ahead of you to create a natural yet flattering photo.

Other maternity poses include turning to the side for a profile shot, popping your hip for a natural standing photo, or placing your hands under your belly.

6. Bring the Family

A pregnancy photoshoot is a great time to invite other family members to enjoy this special moment.

Photos of the expectant couple are a stunning way to show the bond between both parents. Photographers will often take photos of the partner kissing or holding the bump, or with their arms around the mother in a tender embrace.

And if you have other children, getting them in the photoshoot can be a great way for older siblings to feel included.

7. Have Fun

Maternity photography is often about capturing tender moments between you and your growing bump. But you can have fun too, just like this dad did for his hilarious ‘pregnancy’ photoshoot!

In all seriousness, tried and tested maternity poses are great for getting some of the best images. But you shouldn’t be stiff or like a robot.

Instead, you should walk around, dance, talk, and enjoy yourself. This will help the photographer capture your true spirit in some stunning natural-looking candid shots.

Your Guide to Getting the Best Maternity Pictures

You might not feel your most beautiful while pregnant. But trust us, you are.

And by following these tips and choosing the right photographer, you can be sure that your maternity pictures show just how incredible you look.

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