The Best Destinations for Sailing for The First Time

the best places for sailing

So you want to go sailing. Feeling the breeze in your hair and looking around only to see vasts of a blue sea, with not a single person in the vicinity is an incredibly alluring vision. Not that you have anything against cubicles – it’s just that sometimes you would like to feel free, like a bird. Or a fish.

Don’t worry if you have never sailed before. Some places that won’t bring about your doom even if you are an inexperienced sailor. This article will present you with 5 ideal sailing destinations for beginners.


Croatia is one of the most popular destinations for sailors. Its beautiful coastline is full of fortifications that were built when the Romans ruled this land. If scenic castle ruins are not your cup of tea, you might be relieved that there are numerous cities with a vibrant night-life.

Unsure what you are looking for? Sailing in Croatia can be a fantastic adventure if you decide to visit one of the 1244 islands. Yes, the number that you have just read is correct. There are plenty of options to choose from!


Croatia is not the only place that is home to ancient ruins. Lycian Coast in Turkey is full of fortifications that were built by Lycians many centuries ago. Apart from them, you’ll discover pristine forests, rugged cliffs and a call to best destination world adventure.

The weather there is sunny and hot, but you should resist the urge to lay comfortably on a deck chair! At times it might be difficult, but it is difficult to find a place that is so full of ruins from different time periods! Don’t succumb to the laziness and I guarantee you that your efforts will pay off!


When most people think “sailing destinations”, their first thought is “Greece”. Not without reason. Greece is home to 6000 islands, about 200 of them are inhabited. It is true that Greece is one of the most popular sailing destinations in the world, but with this many islands, it won’t feel too crowded. If you want to find a secret cove, either alone, or with friends, you’ll just have to choose a direction, and chances are, you will find something truly astonishing.

Once you get hungry, Greek cuisine will cater even to more sophisticated palates. The Mediterranean diet is among the healthiest in the world. People who live in this region are famous for their unusual longevity.

You don’t have to be a history geek to appreciate the ancient ruins that litter the landscape of Greece. Ancient temples, theaters, more temples – if you are at least somewhat interested in architecture, history, or if you can appreciate the beauty that lasted for thousands of years, Greece might be the perfect place to visit.


Slovenia’s coastline isn’t as vast as that of Croatia, but if you feel that it might be too much of a challenge, then Slovenia will be a safer bet. The waters here are shallower, which means that you shouldn’t choose a big boat.

If you don’t like scorching hot weather, but you are also not big on snow, then Slovenian coastline will be an ideal choice. The temperatures here during the winter and summer are rather mild, meaning you’ll be free to do whatever you want without a threat of dying of dehydration or freezing in a wilderness. Almost the entire country is covered in forest, which combined with Slovenia’s relatively small population means that it is an excellent place if you want to relax in solitude.


The problem with France is that after you’ve decided that you want to go sailing in France, there are still several choices that you have to make. The Côte d’Azur and Corsica are the most popular destinations. The weather there is warm, the night-life in coastal cities intense, but prepare that no matter the season, it will be crowded.

If you have nothing against colder climates, then you might choose the Atlantic coast. Brittany’s wild beauty and mysterious heathlands will be perfect if you’re a fan of nineteenth-century gothic novels.

If you have already been to France, then you should try Corsica! Its culture noticeably differs from Mainland France. Although the climate here is quite similar to that of the Côte d’Azur, the scenery is more diverse. You’ll find marvelous forests, but also mountain passes.

Time to choose!

Even if you are not an expert sailor, you’ll be just fine, sailing along the coastline of one of those places. Now you just have to decide what is the ideal environment for you! Don’t be intimidated if you feel that there are too many options. Some places have more exquisite cuisine, whereas others, older ruins – to each his own. Whatever happens, if you keep a cool head, you’ll have a chance to one day visit all the other places as well!


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