7 Unusual Things to Do in St. Petersburg, Russia


St. Petersburg, located on the banks of the Neva river, is the cultural center of Russia. It has over 200 museums, a large number of concert halls and theaters. Arriving in this wonderful city you can visit the palaces and cathedrals that amaze with their beauty and magnificence.

Every tourist city has its hidden jams. And you will easily find a few fascinating things to do here. And St. Petersburg is no exception. In this article, we are going to tell you about 7 unusual things that you can do in St. Petersburg.

Climb the roof


  1. Climb the roof

The historical center of St. Petersburg was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This happened not only because of the unique architectural ensemble but also due to the famous “skyline”. It was formed by a decree that forbade the construction of buildings above the ledge of the Winter Palace. That is why all the buildings have the same height in the center. You can see this architectural phenomenon if you climb the rooftop. There are a lot of guides who help you to find the best place. You can join the rooftop tour and enjoy the panoramic view of this wonderful Russian city.

  1. Have lunch in a former prison

Not far from St. Isaac’s Cathedral there is the New Holland Island that appeared during the reign of Peter the Great. For the first time, there was stored wood for shipbuilding. But later a naval prison was built here. Today, the round building of the prison became a place where different local shops and restaurant work. In summer, visitors spend time on the terraces and the beach, and in winter they do skating on the rink that is located directly opposite the former prison building. This island is a creative cluster where you can also visit exhibitions of modern art or listen to live music.

  1. Go down the subway Go down the subway


The St. Petersburg Metro was opened in the middle of the 20th century. At that time, the Soviet authorities spared no expense for construction. You can see it by going down the subway and visiting the oldest metro stations. They are decorated with marble, glass and metal. Besides, there are amazing mosaic panels that were created by hand. Many of the St. Petersburg metro stations are recognized as the most beautiful in Europe.

  1. Visit the old apartment housesVisit the old apartment houses


In the 19th century, a construction boom began in St. Petersburg. Many rich people built apartment buildings called revenue houses. These were not typical projects. The best architects of that time were engaged in their construction. The buildings were decorated with statues, stucco moulding and stained glass windows. Many such houses are residential today. Go off the beaten path and visit them. Fortunately, residents of such houses are often friendly and allow you to admire the beauty of their homes.

  1. Explore Russian protected cruiser

The cruiser Aurora is one of the symbols of St. Petersburg. It played an important role during the Russian revolution of 1917. Now it is a museum ship. One part of the space continued to house a naval crew whose duties included caring for the Aurora. The ship usually takes part in different government and military ceremonies. Moreover, the crew has an active duty and is subject to military laws.

  1. Go to Bar StreetGo to Bar Street


Rubinstein Street is known for its bars. You can spend the whole night exploring them, but you are unlikely to have time to go into each of them. There is a place for everyone on Rubinstein Street. You can dance all night or chat with friends in a relaxed atmosphere. By the way, not only bars work here. Don’t forget about small cozy cafes with Caucasian, Russian and European cuisine.

  1. Eat traditional Pyshka

Among residents of Russia, St. Petersburg is associated with pyshkas – as donuts are called here. The most popular place where you can try them is located on Konyushennaya Street. It is a small bistro that has been operating since 1958. It also looks like it was 70 years ago. Perhaps that is why so many tourists consider this place so unusual. It is a very interesting and authentic place. Locals come for pyshkas from different parts of the city and there is always a queue. But the expectation is always rewarded.

It is not so difficult to find an unusual activity in St. Petersburg. This city is not like any other Russian city. It has a special atmosphere, which you can feel only by visiting it.


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