5 Pre-Winter Pest Control Tips For Homeowners

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With winter being just around the corner, it is time to get your home season-ready. You may think that you can take it easy with Pest Control Coventry because most of them hibernate at this time of the year. But that’s the worst mistake you can make because they are still there. Why not just winterize your living space and keep it pest-free to have a zero-stress winter? This is the smartest thing to do as a homeowner. So if you are not sure about implementing winter Olathe pest control, here are a few tips to help.

Remove clutter

Doing away with clutter is important all the time but make it a practice before winter sets in. Inspect the entire areas of your home and garden and clear out anything that is useless. A cluttered area gives spiders, rodents, and bugs a good place to hide and stay warm during the cold winters. Not having useless stuff, therefore, is the best preventive measure to winterize your home says, A1 Pest Control Hills District | Termite Inspections & Pest Treatment

Tighten your living space

Even before the winter sets in, you need to inspect your home and tighten it up to prevent the entry of unwanted intruders. Look for holes and gaps and seal them properly. Inspect behind the furniture and curtains, check the corners and cabinets and look under the mattresses. Ensure that there is no point of entry for pests and neither any available place to hide.

Schedule a visit from a pest control company

Another good idea to keep your living space pest-free this winter is to have a professional cleanup even before the season starts. Have a reputed St. Louis Pest Control company visiting your place for inspection and get extermination if needed. They will not only drive away from the existing pests but also seal your home for the entire season ahead. Another professional pest control session at the end of the winter is a good idea to get your property spring-ready.

Store food properly

Pests have low energy levels in winter and easy access to food is something that they would just want. Avoid leaving food in the open as it becomes easy for pests to reach out. Instead, pack everything in tight containers and store them in closed cabinets. Do not even leave morsels in dishes because they also make an attractive target for unwanted pests. Clean the kitchen and dining area at night and throw away leftovers in covered trash cans.

Be careful with firewood storage

While proper food storage is something you should be concerned about, don’t forget firewood storage. Piles of firewood are a good place for pests to take shelter because they offer warm and moist conditions. Avoid keeping firewood piles too close to the walls of your home because the pests living therein can find their way in easily.

Even though you may not expect to see pests during the cold months, you still need to be consistent with pest control. Monitor your living space closely and perform regular inspection and maintenance as well. Don’t ignore the smallest signs of these pesky intruders being there and take quick action to get rid of them.



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