10 Places to Put a Hidden Security Camera in Your Home

10 Places to Put a Hidden Security Camera in Your Home

Thanks to the modern world that you live in, it’s never been more possible to ensure the safety of your family and belongings in your household.

The latest technology can detect motion, record it, store the footage, and even alert the authorities of a break-in. In short: you owe it to your family to have security cameras installed in your house.

Here’s the golden question: Where should you put them in your house?

If you’ve decided you want to attempt to hide them, then that can be a hefty decision to make.

Here are a few ideas of clever places to install your hidden security camera.

1. Light Fixtures

Light fixtures serve a valuable decorative purpose in your household, there’s no doubt of that. Now they can serve you in 2 ways by hiding a security camera within them.

While people notice the light fixtures, they often don’t stare at them long enough to admire the fine details. That means installing your tiny camera into them will give it the height to scan the room and being above plain sight detection.

If you’d like to take it a step further, you can install this hidden light bulb camera, and no one will ever notice it’s there among the many bulbs in your fixture or ceiling light.

2. Birdhouse

Looking for a few clever ways to hide the outdoor camera to your front or backyard? Installing the right birdhouse to cover it is exactly what you need.

Whether you’re going to shop for a birdhouse or make one yourself, there are two things you need to consider.

First, make sure the birdhouse is big enough for the camera itself. Secondly, make sure there is plenty of space for a bird to build a nest and come and go easily.

If you get a birdhouse too small, the security camera won’t serve a purpose because you won’t be able to see anything.

3. Lamp

Here’s another idea for your outdoor security camera needs that can serve as a two-purpose utensil at your house.

Setting up an in-ground lamp or one attached to the side of the house can help the camera get a great angle for surveillance and a convenient post to set on.

It also helps during the night, as the light from the lamp makes it harder for people passing by to notice the camera on top or to the side of the shining light.

4. Stuffed Toy

One of the main reasons you’re probably looking into security cameras in the first place is your pride and joy. Protecting your little ones is priority number 1!

So, if you’re looking to hide a monitor or camera in their room, the try out the stuffed toys. There are several stuffed toys customized to fit a camera in them for you to choose from.

Simply pick one that holds the size of your camera properly, and then fill the room with stuffed animals just like it so the stuffed toy camera doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

5. Bookcase

There are 2 schools of thought with the security camera on the bookcase in your room.

One is to hide it in plain sight on the shelf among the books, turning the books into a background for the camera to blend in with (it works better than you’d think).

The second thought is to hide it behind a trophy on the shelf, without impeding the vision on the camera, which can be tricky. Careful though, trophies tend to stand out and get picked up by guests from time to time, so you risk that.

Better to stick with the “blending among the books” technique.

6. Smoke Detector

Looking for a way to get the highest point of view for your camera, but not wanting to stick it to a light fixture? If so, try attaching it to your smoke detector.

No one, besides your local firefighter, will ever pay an ounce of attention to your smoke detector which makes it the perfect hiding place.

It also provides a place out of reach from someone that was to break in, making it hard to get rid of the evidence.

7. Picture Frame

Every house that’s existed since the dawn of man has had pictures and portraits hanging on its walls. So much so that people generally don’t give them a second glance… it may as well be part of the wall itself.

As sad as that is for house designers, it’s perfect for what you’re trying to accomplish.

Find a picture frame with a security camera and put a normal, run of the mill picture in it (that won’t draw anyone to it).

8. Plant

One of the oldest tricks in the book, yet still highly effective!

Plants provide a great way to hide things within them and they don’t often catch a lot of attention among guests.

Depending on the plant, you can give your hidden camera a good amount of height and hide it within the branches or shrub it provides.

9. Among Other Electronics

One of the best places for a security camera to be hidden is in the entertainment center in your living room. Why? Because you likely already have a bunch of electronics laying on it.

Better yet, most of those electronics (such as your TV, soundbar, PS4, etc) are primarily black.

So if you were to buy a black security camera and set it on your gaming system, most would figure it was a camera that ties into your gaming hobbies, not as a security camera.

10. High and Tight

While you may think that a camera on the wall is obvious, if it’s above the normal sight line, people won’t think anything of it.

The key is to buy a camera close to the shade of your wall’s color as possible and having that camera as high and close to the corner (for surveillance) as you can.

Most importantly, it grants you security over every inch in that room, and that is the main reason you’re installing a camera in the first place.

Your Hidden Security Camera Provides Protection

Funny to think that a tiny hidden security camera can provide you with as much peace-of-mind as it does.

Find the right camera for your surveillance needs and use these locations to hide it among your house.

Be sure to check back to Tasteful Space often for tips on your home, lifestyle, and travel ideas.

Good luck with your newly-installed camera, may it provide you and your family with protection for years to come!


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