Heat Not Working in House? 5 Signs the Problem Is Your Furnace

Heat Not Working in House? 5 Signs the Problem Is Your Furnace

Are you having problems with central heat not working in the house? You’re not coming down with a case of the chills. You have a broken furnace!

But how could you have missed the signs?

A working furnace is essential for your central heating system. You don’t want to be without it when temperatures fall below freezing. What if the closest HVAC repair company is snowed in?

You don’t have time for “what ifs.” Repair your furnace before you get a rude awakening. Here are five telltale signs to watch.

1. What’s That Sound?

No, your house isn’t haunted, but you may have a broken furnace. Furnaces make a lot of noise when they’re in trouble.

Noises themselves don’t necessarily mean there’s a problem. It’s normal for furnaces to make noises from time to time, but there are some sounds you shouldn’t ignore.

The first sign of trouble is a squealing sound. This noise means that your furnace’s motor or blower belt needs to be replaced.

That loud popping sound you hear means there’s trouble with your air ducts or burners. Scraping sounds mean you have a broken blower or loose parts.

2. Why Is the Heat Not Working in the House?

You know your furnace is broken when there’s no hot air circulating throughout the home. However, you don’t have to wait until the end to do something about it.

Failing furnaces will gradually lose the ability to pump warm air into the house. This sign could also mean that you’re due for a blower fan replacement.

Do your best to notice subtle changes in temperature over time.

3. Why Is the Energy Bill So High?

This next sign is arguably the most painful.

If your energy bill is higher than usual, there’s a good chance your furnace is to blame.

Since old furnaces pump less warm air over time, you naturally crank up the temperature more without realizing it. Failing furnaces also work harder to produce what little heat they can.

4. Are You Getting Sick?

Feeling chilly is the least of your problems. A broken furnace can make you sick!

Watch out for leaking carbon monoxide. Since you can’t smell carbon monoxide, it’s hard to detect. If you’re feeling more sleepy, dizzy, and nauseous than usual, see a doctor and look into heating repair services right away.

Another problem is dust and allergens. A broken furnace is a problem for indoor air quality. Over time, air filters become clogged and pump dirty, dusty air into the home.

5. What Does That Light Mean?

Is this your first time dealing with a broken furnace? First, grab your owner’s manual or find a similar version online.

Look for the pilot light on your furnace. This light should be located on the front panel. If the flame is yellow, that’s a sign to replace your heater.

You want a blue pilot flame. A yellow flame means carbon monoxide may be seeping into your home.

Warm Up Your House Again

Forget feeling sick and cold all winter. Why should you live with heat not working in the house? Make your home warm and cozy again with these must-have tips for winter!

A toasty and healthy home is a happy home. Keeping your house warm and pollution-free is just the start. Read on to discover more home improvement hacks you can’t live without.


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