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These days, it is not uncommon to see sturdy, modern-looking concrete homes. In fact, it is the standard housing material in most urban areas these days. Homeowners argue that concrete is more enduring than other building materials out there. If the foundation is really good, a strong concrete building can withstand extreme weather conditions like storms, typhoons or hurricanes. And so, it is considered as more economical than other types of materials in the long run.

However, that doesn’t mean that log homes aren’t a good choice anymore or that they are already outdated. They still hold a certain charm that most of us never fail to fall in love with. Take a look at this article for example. What are the best advantages of building a log cabin and living there?

You Get Better Insulation

Good insulation is one of the keys to a comfortable living space. Properly regulated indoor temperature is essential for one’s health and well-being. For example, it’s difficult to achieve a good night’s sleep if you feel like you’re inside the oven or if it’s freezing cold inside your room. Hitting the right balance would be perfect.

Now, this is one of the advantages of a log home. Given that it is properly sealed, it can offer you a year-round comfort from summer to winter. The great result that you can reap out of this is energy efficiency. And who wouldn’t want to cut back on electricity bills as much as possible, right?

Rustic Charm that Never Fades

Of course, you’ll never go wrong with the rustic, countryside feel that log cabins exude. If you’re one of those people who are always in love with anything nostalgic and vintage, then, this kind of home would be perfect for you. The decision whether to build a log cabin or another kind of home would still depend on the location you’ve chosen to settle in.

For example, this style could be a little out of place in the middle of the urban jungle, especially if your lot has a very limited size. But if you have a huge lot where you can plant some trees and a beautiful garden, why not consider this, right? A beautiful countryside-looking home would surely be a fun retreat inside a bustling city. Read this related article that discusses the difference between primitive, rustic and country style homes:

It’s Actually Long-Lasting

Contrary to what other people believe that concrete and brick are more withstanding than log homes, the latter are actually pretty sturdy and long-lasting. Do you think that’s just a theory? No, it isn’t. In fact, there are examples of such that are still alive today. One of which are the log and timber homes that are over 800 years old but are still in use in Europe up to the present time.

Come to think of it: Would you live for more than 800 years given the general lifespan of humans nowadays? Probably not. And so, if your cabin is made out of really good quality logs, it can last a lifetime. You can even pass it down to your children and your future grandchildren. If you have other real estate properties, it can be a great vacation home for the family or ancestral home in the future.

“But you’re probably talking about normal living circumstances. What about natural disasters like storms and hurricanes? Would a log home be able to endure that?”, you might ask. Yes, it can. There have been living proofs on that around the US and in other parts of the globe. So, if safety is your concern, this is indeed a good choice. Sounds good? Learn here how you can build this kind of living space:

You’ll Love the Peace and Quiet

Sound-proof walls are nice to have. Aside from the privacy you get out of it, you’ll also enjoy the peace and quiet that you deserve as you come home after a long day’s work. A log wall offers great acoustical benefits through its solid mass that provides reduced sound transmission. Its shape, angle and texture also provide effective sound deflection.

It’s truly exciting to live in a log cabin. Build one now!



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