Raising Boys vs Girls: 5 Notable Differences

Raising Boys vs Girls: 5 Notable Differences

While they may not actually be from Mars or Venus, boys and girls are scientifically different. Boys are more prone to anger while girls are better multi-taskers. What does this mean when it comes to raising boys vs. girls?

Many parenting skills are useful for any gender, but there are key differences that you should be aware of if you’re expecting or even planning to start a family. Keep reading to learn five differences that you should be prepared for.

1. Spatial Skills

It’s been shown that boys have an easier time distinguishing the relationship between shapes and sizes. This strength makes certain problem-solving situations easier for boys to find solutions to.

You can nurture this in young boys by encouraging problem-solving using spatial skills. If you’re raising a girl, introduce challenging puzzles and games to help strengthen their own spatial skills.

2. Physicality

All kids love running around, but boys tend to be much more active, even in the womb. It’s helpful to know this when planning activities for your baby girl or when shopping for baby boy clothes. If you’ve got a young boy, plan on getting plenty of active clothing for them to get dirty.

Regardless of gender, you should encourage a lot of physical play—just be prepared for the boys to be running around a little more.

3. Aggression

Boys are a bit quicker to anger, but this doesn’t mean that girls can’t throw a tantrum or two. This is largely in part to testosterone levels in boys, so it’s important to teach proper behavior.

Watch for outbursts and reactions in your toddler and be prepared to correct any negative behavior with positive reinforcement. Be prepared to have these conversations more often with a boy.

4. Communication

Boys and girls learn to talk around the same time, but girls generally do it about a month quicker than boys. You should start teaching verbal skills early no matter what.

Girls also tend to have a larger vocabulary, so you should put focus on language skills. These skills will even out between the genders as they age.

5. Potty Training

It may not come as any surprise that girls take to potty training much faster than boys. Typically girls will learn to use the bathroom five months before boys. You also have to contend with standing and sitting when it comes to teaching boys.

What does this mean for raising a baby boy vs. a baby girl? You may need to spend some more time potty training your boy, so be prepared. There are many books and accessories that make it much easier.

What to Know About Raising Boys vs. Girls

There are challenges and differences between raising boys vs. girls, and all parents will tell you that there are always surprises. Knowing what to expect will make life much easier and give you the power to raise your kid in the best way possible.

Parenting is tough but very rewarding. If you’re building a family or growing your existing one, check out some more articles and guides on what to expect.


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