How to Throw the Perfect Bachelor or Bachelorette Party: Your Complete Checklist

How to Throw the Perfect Bachelor or Bachelorette Party: Your Complete Checklist

People talk about the cost of the wedding breaking the bank. But, what about the bachelor or bachelorette party?

The final celebrations before marriage can be almost as expensive as the wedding day itself.

The average spending by party guests is around $738 per person. That’s a lot of money for a wild weekend of partying.

But, it’s a celebration of singledom that you’re never going to get back. Make it memorable with this bachelor and bachelorette party checklist.

1. Always Consult the Groom/Bride

If you have the responsibility of throwing your best friend a bachelor or bachelorette party, you shouldn’t make every decision yourself.

Remember that the party isn’t for you. It’s actually for the person who will never be single again.

Whatever you have planned for the festivities, ensure that you consult the groom or bride before anything is set in stone.

2. Set Up Communication Lines

There is always going to be lots of information which needs to be shared among attendees.

You may need to set up a Facebook page or a Whatsapp group if you want to stay in touch with everyone.

3. Print a Bunch of T-Shirts

No bachelor or bachelorette party is complete without a bunch of matching t-shirts.

Why not print the groom’s face on the back? You could even display each of your nicknames on the shirts.

4. Plan Some Entertainment

You can always simply go for drinks on a bar crawl or go down the night club for a dance. However, the party-goers may be expecting some real entertainment.

If you want to go with the popular choice of female strippers, check out All American Centerfolds.

Is the groom an adrenaline junkie? Take your friends on an adventure with jet skiing or rock climbing to get physical.

Choose something that would be inclusive and perfect for the groom or bride.

5. Purchase Alcohol

You’ll probably need to buy some alcohol for your bachelor or bachelorette party. But, remember to drink responsibly.

6. Pack Lots of Snacks and Treats

You don’t want to be drinking too much alcohol on an empty stomach. Ensure there are plenty of yummy things to eat during the partying.

6. Make Reservations

You don’t want to show up with twenty drunk people at a restaurant without a reservation. Make sure your hosts know you’re coming!

7. Handle Any Transport Arrangements

How are you going to get from one place to another? You need to make arrangements for transport to the party.

This could involve hiring a vehicle to transport your whole party. You may also want to make arrangements among attendees about who is willing to drive.

8. Book Accommodation

Are you staying overnight somewhere, or just going out for one night locally?

You may need to book accommodation. Whether you are booking a luxury hotel or a cabin in the countryside, make sure everything is taken care of in advance.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Checklist

If you are responsible for throwing your best buddy a final celebration of being single, then you have your work cut out.

There are so many important things to remember if you’re in charge. Don’t forget anything with our bachelor and bachelorette party checklist.

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