How to Start Recycling: 3 Key Recycling Tips Everyone Should Know

How to Start Recycling: 3 Key Recycling Tips Everyone Should Know

If you’re wondering how to start recycling, having never bothered before or perhaps this is the first time you have lived on your own, you are probably feeling apprehensive.

Trying to figure out things that can be recycled might seem like a daunting task that is going to add hours to your daily schedule but it can be sorted out quite easily. Invest in separate bins to sort your trash and in glass water bottles and allocate a few minutes each day to the tasks.

Here are our top recycling tips.

1. Sort Your Trash

It is worth investing in separate trash cans for different types of material in each and every room so you can recycle as much as you can beforehand.

You may need one for paper and cardboard, one for glass bottles, one for plastic waste and another for food waste. This way you can recycle beforehand instead of having to rummage through all of your waste at the end of the week for hours to sort it.

It’s also worth ensuring that every room has multiple trash cans, rather than just having separate ones in the main lounge area that you sort into from smaller trash cans around the house.

Whilst this might seem expensive and can take up a lot of room in the smaller rooms it can save you a lot of time in the long run.

2. Reuse As Much As You Can

Recycling tips don’t just include sorting your trash out for it be disposed of and sorted by someone else once it has left your home, it is also about finding ways to reuse everyday objects and items in your house.

If you have detergent bottles leftover can they be filled with something else once they are empty? If you have plastic bottles could they be cleaned out, have their tops cut off, painted or decorated and then filled with flowers they like they are a vase?

Also, try seeing if you can find eco shops who will give you your weekly essentials in reusable containers that you bring every week rather than shopping at a supermarket that has plastic bottles or packaging every week.

You can even recycle tin foil. A new scheme in Scotland also shows how postal services can help bring about a recycling revolution with gin.

3. Invest in a Water Bottle

Did you know that recycling can save 11,000 mega liters of water per year? This is just one of many facts about recycling in Australia.

One of the best ways of recycling is to ditch the plastic bottles you get for anything from coke to water and to instead replace them with a water bottle.

There are many innovations now which keep track of how much water you drink and remind you when you’re are dehydrated. They are worth investing in.

How To Start Recycling? Little By Little

The best advice for how to start recycling is to avoid trying to do everything all at once. If you try to change your whole routine and every aspect of your household routine you could feel overwhelmed.

Instead, the best advice for figuring out things that can be recycled is to start by dumping your plastic water bottles and buying a proper solution. Then the following week you can begin to sort your trash.

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