6 Tips That Make Your Cycling Trip Successful!

tips for cycling trip

Cycling is for freedom; imagining paddling to a long, narrow road with just you and your cycle. However, there’s another side too- the cold, wet and dark side where the real misery resides. Of course, things look enticing when you dream of cycling to open the road; the real situation can become scary if you are underprepared.

However, it’s the best way to explore amazing places without the hindrance of your car window. You get a chance to see, smell, and be the part of a completely new place in an enhanced way.

Here are a few tips for your first cycling:


Figure Out, Whether Or Not Cycling Is For You:

First, think about what you want from your cycling holiday? Is that the fitness that attracts you or you want to meet like-minded people who share the same interests?

Further, two-wheel travel is ideal if you want some alone time, away from disturbances. Besides, they are also good for families who want to break from work and want to spend some leisure time together.

The Ideal Location:

Decide whether you want a multi-day cycling tour or just a day for a paddle. Every location has different terrain, so choose wisely as it can make or break your first experience. While pro bikers can go to events like Strade Bianche Sportive 2020, novices should look for simple locations. The goal is to ride to your suitable terrain.

Whether Carrying The Bike Or Not:

For easy-breezy holidays and less hassle, you can skip taking your own bike, as many places offer bike rentals. They have the best bike ride that suit your cycling needs.

Also, you will get the one depending upon your terrain and cycling, which means you don’t have to know more about the bikes. Moreover, if you are a pro at cycling, you can carry along by boxing it up for transport.

Buying the New Bike:

Cycling is all about choosing the right set of wheels and picking the best ones. Lightweight bikes with skinny tires and good riding geometry are best to help you easily navigate the paved paths and streets. The size of the bike is also very important; for this, stand atop the tube and aim for about an inch of clearance between the frame and body.

The next thing you need to do is to pick a cycle that easily fits your budget. Ask yourself if you are going for a casual ride or you want to cycle as a part of your workout.

Get Right Gear:

Getting the right bike is just a step toward the journey; there’s an essential gear that you will also need. You should have a new helmet as it will keep you safe while riding. Helmets also have a shelf life, so if you have the one longing in the garage for years, get the new one. Pick the one that fits your head, suits your style, and also fits your budget.

Let’s say you have an event like Mallorca 312 Sportive 2020 coming up, having the right set of gear will prepare you for the journey. Also get tools like tire levers, spare tubes, a mini pump and a multi-tool kit ready. Moreover, you can place a mini tracker to navigate you to the right routes.

Let Your Body Adjust:

Riding for the first few routes might be tough for you, as your body needs to adjust to a new activity. But, like other activities, you have to stick to it to make cycling realistic. Don’t expect yourself to ride 100 miles in the first attempt magically.

Instead, give yourself time and grow with practice. Moreover, if you want to accomplish your long term goal, stay engaged in the practice and track your rides.

So, those were some of the best tips to make your first cycling trip amazing.


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