7 Reasons to Have a Professional on Call for Your Plumbing Emergency

7 Reasons to Have a Professional on Call for Your Plumbing Emergency

Essential plumbing repairs can be a nightmare for your bank balance.

For example, in some places, hiring a plumber to unclog a blocked drain can set you back up to $250. Serious issues will, of course, cost even more.

Many people baulk at the thought of paying such high prices to fix their plumbing problems.

But, alas, they won’t fix themselves. Ignoring the warning signs is a recipe for disaster. You can have a plumbing emergency on your hands in no time at all, and end up paying far more to repair what should have been a simple initial fix.

Emergency plumbers play a vital role in these situations. They’re on hand at all times of day to solve the problem and limit the damage that’s caused.

The advantages don’t stop there though. Want to know the other benefits of calling an emergency plumber? Keep reading.

1. Cost-Effective

It’s worth re-emphasizing the financial side of plumbing emergencies.

As we’ve already said, hiring a plumber isn’t cheap; hiring an emergency plumber is even dearer! After all, they’re on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.

Plumbing disasters don’t follow a set schedule. They can happen at any time and without warning. Emergency plumbers are available whenever you need them. For that luxury, they charge a premium.

See it as an investment. Plumbing problems will cause severe damage if left unchecked. Pipes can burst, ceilings can collapse, rooms can flood, and furniture can be ruined.

Paying for an emergency plumbing service prevents this eventuality, and ends up saving you money in the long run.

2. Professional Solution

DIY repairs are more popular than ever before.

What with YouTube and the mass of content online, you can learn almost anything from the internet these days. Plumbing repairs are no exception.

In a bid to save money and time, it can be tempting to address a plumbing issue yourself. Who needs a professional plumber when you can watch a 3-minute video on your phone!?

You’d be surprised. There’s a reason plumbers train for years in their craft. It isn’t an easy job, and there’s a lot of room for error. Your DIY attempts could exacerbate the problem.

By contrast, an emergency plumber knows exactly how to handle it. They can identify the issue and have the insight and equipment to deal with it. The result is a permanent solution that won’t recur a few days later.

3. Insurance Cover

Here’s another reason to reconsider your DIY plumbing idea:

Money required to fix the extra damage you (could) cause will come from your own pocket. Remember, you don’t know what you’re doing!

Treat your plumbing like you would a bomb. You wouldn’t try and disarm it yourself and risk cutting the wrong wire- you’d be straight on the phone to a bomb disposal expert! Plumbing emergencies mightn’t pose a risk to life, but they do cause damage.

Take the sensible approach and call a pro.

Do so, and you’ll benefit from the insurance cover they provide. Any extra damage they inadvertently cause will be paid for by them, and not you.

4. Greater Safety Levels

Everything from the plumbing problem to its solution has the potential to cause physical harm.

Ceiling collapses, high-pressure water, heating issues, and burst pipes can all be dangerous. Trying to fix those issues exposes you to the danger.

Hiring a professional plumber to deal with it will keep you from harm. There’s no replacement for experience and expertise. These people are trained and kitted out to effectively solve whatever emergency you’re experiencing.

Both you and your home have less chance of being damaged!

5. Reassuring Support

Plumbing disasters can be stressful affairs.

There’s nothing pleasant about being awoken in the middle of the night with a plumbing catastrophe. It’s easy to panic about both the situation and possible consequences.

Having an emergency plumber on call can provide a mighty relief. You know they’ll be there within a short amount of time to handle the situation. Your concerns about the potential damage and expense reduce as a result.

6. Quick, Convenient and All-Encompassing

We’ve hinted at these advantages throughout this post.

Nonetheless, they’re worth discussing in their own right. Emergency plumbers provide an unparalleled professional service. The closest comparison you’ll find is in the actual emergency services!

Few other businesses will deal with your issues in such a prompt and efficient manner. It could be 2am on Christmas morning at an emergency plumber can be at your home in minutes to rectify the problem.

Plumbers will have all the gear they need with them, ensuring they can help with whatever situation they come across. More importantly, though, they’re there in rapid time to limit the damage.

7. Identify Additional Issues

The plumbing in your home might be a ticking time bomb.

Hidden issues could lurk beneath the surface, unbeknownst to your or anybody else. Sure, the current emergency isn’t fun, but it could just be the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

Now, an emergency plumber will be there to fix the issue at hand. However, they’ll have a chance to inspect the entire system at the same time. In so doing, they can help you identify any additional plumbing problems waiting to occur.

Knowing the issues at hand means you can set about rectifying them.

Time to Solve Your Plumbing Emergency

Plumbing repairs don’t come cheap.

Homeowners can expect to pay hundreds dealing with plumbing issues. The alternative’s to ignore the problem and watch it worsen. In time, a plumbing emergency becomes a certainty.

Whether the issue has been a long time coming, or happened without warning, they can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage.

It (literally) pays to have an emergency plumber on call. Hopefully, this post has demonstrate why they make such a difference.

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