Nigerian Fashion: How to be Traditionally Trendy

nigerian fashion

In a world that is fast-paced, and everything moves and evolves in the blink of an eye, fashion is one of the things that keep up with what’s latest. Nowadays, there are a lot of emerging styles in fashion all over the world, but the latest styles in Nigerian fashion has been one that catches the eye.

No matter how innovative the world may become in terms of fashion, fashion trend in Africa and Nigeria continues to be traditional with a little twist of the modern world. This uniqueness has brought them to the limelight and has set them to be trendsetters of today.

How to Be Traditionally Trendy?

Most Africans, especially Nigerians, like to wear their traditional clothes. They also tend to mix and match. They match the trendy style of fashion but keep their tradition intact through the clothes they wear. If you want to have an idea of how to stay traditional while being trendy rocking African style, then this is the one for you.

  • Traditional Wear

Since Nigerians don’t like to shift from their unique culture, their fashion sense still revolves around the traditional Buba, Iro, and Sokoto. These pieces of clothing are usually matched with various color combinations, following what’s trendy these days.

Also, they tend to use different accessories partnered with their style. Ornaments and embellishments are still used today to show their culture. With their classic geometric and large patterns or smaller patterns like floral designs, these accessories are perfect for keeping traditions and learning together with what’s new.

  • Traditional Blouses

Blouses never ran out of style for them as well. It is always the peplum style as it never goes out of fashion. What’s trendy these days are festive-designed blouses embroidered with traditional designs or even hints of lace. Some also go with decorated rhinestones and artificial pearls to bring out style and sophistication. Most of these conventional sleeves go with short or three-fourths sleeves, round neckline or semi-open shoulders that comes in bright and warm colors.

  • Traditional Skirts

The latest styles in Nigerian fashion, which goes with their classic taste, is skirts. They continue to stick with long skirts, usually straight cut that covers their legs till the feet. They’re also often sewn to fit the figure and in “mermaid tail.” Just like their blouses, these are often festive in design and are found in warm colors. It also goes with embroideries of gold and silver which gives a stronger sense of culture. There are also lacy skirts in traditional prints. These skirts use soft fabrics unlike the conventional long dresses, but are also traditional in design, keeping the tradition alive.

Nigerian fashion is undoubtedly something to try. Besides the rich culture it possesses, it does not compromise the trends of today. Nigerian style tends to adjust to the modern world. They make sure to keep their past through their artistic way of playing mix and match. This is a kind of combination worth trying on, which is traditional but trendy.


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