The Best Bingo Locations around the world

The Best Bingo Locations around the world

Gambling, in particular to bingo has evolved massively over the years to become so mobile and accessible wherever you are, all you need is a Wi-Fi connection, a device of some kind and you are good to go. However, there is a certain retro feel and essence to traditional gambling halls. Being there, engulfed within all of the atmosphere is rather unique and adds to your gambling journey. So, with all that being said, it may be worth at some point in your journeys and travels to check out the most popular bingo sites in the world. Intrigued? Well, read on to find out more on 50 free spins no deposit!

The Plaza Casino, Las Vegas

Vegas is known to avid gamblers as the mecca and the holy grail, however if you are planning to travel there you need to filter through your options, and we pick this place! The bingo room in the Plaza is known to host the largest pay-out games in the world, with the greatest promotional records of $125,000 dollars Super Bingo. Other reasons to visit this place if you want to enact on that tourist instinct of yours, is by hitting the nightlife there. Possibly considered as one of the wildest nights you can have abroad, definitely check out the most visited locations: 1 Oak Nightclub, Marquee and OMNIA.

Beacon Bingo, London

Hey, London is a desirable destination to many backpackers and business travellers around the world however, it is also a bingo destination! The Beacon Bingo is debated to be the best bingo venue within the UK, as it caters to 2,700 on one night. Meaning this place can definitely attract the punters and avid players around the world- so why don’t you be one of them? To get into the game at this venue, the minimum stake is £4. Don’t forget however, the culture and history are definitely worth checking out, with the Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum, being considered one of the best in the world for their collations.

Foxwoods Casino and Resort, Connecticut

4-Star Mashantucket Casino Hotel

The Foxwoods Casino in Mashantucket offers 5 different casinos that you can take your pick from. Being built in 1986, you can definitely home in on your liking of old-style traditional bingo joints. This place is the one for all of that. In addition to this, the casino itself can cater to up to 4000 players at once, meaning you can imagine how crazy the vibe can be in the heart of it all.

National Bingo stadium, Dublin

A bingo stadium that can house as many as 2000 players at once, this venue is the largest in Ireland and ranks high up after the Beacon Bingo in London. A building which was built in 1938, its relatively older than others mentioned within this list, however this doesn’t inhibit any money making-we promise you! There is £9000 up for winning and that could be you…Other tourist like aspects you could try, involve the one of a kind Irish musical pub crawls. A once in a lifetime experience, that gains much attraction for locals and tourists alike.

Star Bingo, Melbourne

Star Casino Sydney- Play Bingo Jackpot

It’s time to get down under with this Australian Bingo location. They provide an atmosphere like no other and bingo variable bingo proficiencies to anyone who enters. Meaning if you are a beginner and just want a few laughs with a nice evening and some friends, this is a place to be. Prizes range from $2000-$5000, so you definitely can make a nice night out of it. Other aspects you travellers need to check out are places like the ‘Peruse Sheds’ at Queen Victoria Market. Filled with fresh farmers produce, food to grab and go. In addition to locally manufactured garments. It’s definitely become quite the attraction in the area for foreign visitors.


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