Absent-Minded Teen? Help them gain focus


Most teenagers have a hard time retaining their knowledge. This makes it difficult for them to study. Teenage is such an age where the losing focus is very common. Nonetheless, it is necessary to boost their concentration power so that they do not lose focus on their studies. If you know how to boost their attention power, it will be easier for you to keep them on track. This will not only have a positive impact on their mind but also their exam results.

Imagine when you were young, didn’t you face concentration issues? Everyone in their teenage years faced concentration issues. If you have been one of them, you probably know the struggle. Nonetheless, modern times have changed and no matter how hard the struggle with concentration issues, you can easily solve them. The distractions can get problematic more during the exams. Nonetheless, your small positive actions can help your teenage kid to resist the temptation of the digital world.

Ways to increase focus

As parents, you can only help your kids to bring changes in studies. Small changes can have a positive impact. Some of the prominent ways to help your children stay focused on studies include the following

Boost focus by understanding the energy level

The initial thing to do is boosting the focus of kids by understanding their energy levels. As per studies, a child can stay focused on his studies for as long as one or two hours. But, it is necessary to understand the energy pattern of kids.

While some kids remained focus during the late-night, while others stay focused during the early morning a result, you should understand how your child functions. Being aware of their functioning can play an important role in reducing arguments with kids. No matter what time they want to study, let them so in that period one. This can bring your child one step closer to success.

You should encourage your kids to take a small break between studies to avoid any blockage. Moreover, if the kids do not stay focused, this will cause problems. Apart from that, you can also set study goals for your kids.

Conduct Focus Games and Exercises to Improve Attention

Conducting focus games and exercises will not only help to improve attention in your kids but will also help your child to develop a healthy bond with all. Making exercises a little more fun can be of great fun.

One of the major reasons for the lack of focus and attention in teens is that they use mobile phones a lot. When you are conducting focus games and exercises, make sure that you keep away all the gadgets and encourage them to take part in these activities. Although they are teenagers, you can include toys and games that will help them improve focus.

The fact that kids lose focus easily is because of gadgets. One of the best ways to boost focus is to ask them to take part in sequencing and thinking games and also to meditate. Meditation can play an important role in boosting focus.

Keep them away from caffeine

Teenage is such an age where the person is sure to be tempted by coffee or caffeine. While caffeine shots may sound tempting, but these tend to keep you awake for a long time. Although it can be beneficial in the initial phases, this will eventually be harmful in the long run.

If your kid is going to study, you should always encourage them to take a class of water with them. Instead of caffeine drinks, you should encourage them to take water. Water contains all essential nutrients which can help enhance focus. Nonetheless, make sure that your kid isn’t drinking the water all at once but a few sips at a time. This will eventually be helpful for the body and brain.

Give them green vegetables

Green veggies and healthy food can do wonders when it comes to boosting concentration and focus. Studies have shown that eating vegetables and healthy food can boost up concentration power and has a direct relation to how the consumption can help in enhancing the concentration.

Junk foods are very popular among kids. But, these junk foods are extremely rich in sugar and can negatively impact your child. Too much sugar consumption tends to make the child fat and lazy. However, consuming healthy foods such as eggs, lean meat and almond can boost the concentration level. Moreover, it is also known to make you more aware.

Difference between work and relaxation

Often teenagers and kids do not realize the importance of the difference between work and relaxation space. Most teenagers are in the habit of relaxing and studying at the same place. Well, if this is the condition with your child, it is tough for them to remain focused.

Before the arrival of exams, you should work towards setting up a different study place. This will eventually set up boundaries and help them to avoid distractions. You need to keep a check with the refurbishment as well. Nonetheless, you need to set up the ‘to-do’ lists, so that they can boost the entire thing.

Encourage them to study together

Being dedicated to studying for hours and hours can get extremely frustrating. Moreover, no one wants to be stuck to such a monotonous routine. This further hampers the study flow. Therefore, to keep away the stress, you can ask your kids to study in a group study.

Group studies are a great learning session and can help you prepare thoroughly. As a result, a study partner can help you to study properly. You and your study partner can work well with study techniques and clarifying the doubts. You should get in touch with your partner and motivate them to match the level of study.

Before beginning to study, as parents, you should ask your kids to be prepared. Setting up a time-table can be a great boost to the marks of students. Teens are bound to get distracted and as parents, you can work towards solving it. Finding the balance between studies and work and relaxation can be pretty helpful for kids.



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