How the Whisky a Go Go Events Started in California?

whiskey a go go events

Whisky a Go Go, popularly known as The Whiskey, is a famous and historic nightclub in West Hollywood, California. It locates at 8901 Sunset Boulevard opposite the North San Vicente Boulevard. The club has been one of the launching pads for several famous music bands and that’s why you must visit one of the Whisky a Go Go events when you’re in the city.

From the Iggy And The Stooges to Guns N’ Roses, from Linkin Park to The Doors, this place has welcomed Rock and Roll music for ages now. Even if you drive past Whisky a Go Go in today’s date, you’d find a band van out to prepare for an all-night gig. The Whisky a Go Go events are one of the must-do experiences for every traveler who comes to the city. Here, we will tell you all about the place and why you must consider being a part of one of their events this season.

The beginning of Whisky a Go Go events

Whisky a Go Go is officially the first-ever American discothèque and a famous landmark for live rock and roll music. January 11, 1964, marked the first day of the place that people knew as an old bank building before. The original place has been remodeled and turned into a live club called The Party, by Elmer Valentine, a former Chicago policeman.

The place opened its space for live bands led by Johnny Rivers and had female DJ spinning records between sets of suspended cages towards the right of the stage. When the DJ danced during River’s music, people thought it was a part of the performance and that’s how the concept of Go Go dancers in cages came into being.

Rivers further enhanced the Whisky-born craze of Go Go and made it a national sensation. Soon, there were records recorded live at the pub. For example, The Miracles had recorded the song ‘Going to a Go-Go’ in 1966 that The Rolling Stones covered in 1982. All of these sprang up the fame of Whisky a Go Go events all across the country.

By 1966, the club became the center of Sunset Strip police riots and the owners were harassed by the City of Los Angeles. They wanted the name to be changed from The Whiskey, as it spread a ‘bad influence’.

How Whisky a Go Go events shaped the history of music?

The club played a pivotal role to shape the musical career for several people and bands. Many bands from Southern California got exposure due to this place. This place was regular to Buffalo Springfield, The Byrds, and Love. The Doors used to be the house band for some time, before their controversial debut of Oedipal Section and their song The End got them fired.

Further, Frank Zappa’s Mothers of Invention received the record contract based on performance and Jimi Hendrix came by to jam and made Sam & Dave the headlines. Even Otis Redding recorded the album Live here in 1966.

The place has also welcomed many British performers like The Kinks, Cream, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Oasis, and Roxy Music. The place became the New Wave for punk rock during the late ’70s. They frequently performed local acts like The Germs, The Runaways, Mötley Crüe, X, Van Halen, and also played host to early performances done by The Dictators, The Ramones, The Misfits, Talking Heads, Blondie, Elvis Costello, Rats & Star, The Jam, and XTC.

The new cult

The place fell hard after the punk rock lost its steam. The club had closed doors in 1982 and reopened four years later as the ‘four walls’. It was open on rent for promoters and bands. Even when there were only a few booths fitting to such perimeter, the interior has been revamped completely. It looks is a bare seat less space where the audience stands all through the performances.

With the new trends, the place opened to many hard rock and metal bands like Metallica and Guns N’ Roses during the 80s. And a decade later, a few Seattle-based musicians (who were later dubbed as ‘the godfathers of grunge’) were hosted. After that, the place was frequented by Nirvana, Mudhoney, Soundgarden, The Melvins, 7 Year Bitch, and more. Even after five decades since inception, this place is still of great importance to rock and roll.

Whisky a Go Go Events for the next month

  • September 23 – Pop by Fast Times
  • September 24 – Rock by Ultimate Jam Night
  • September 25 – Alternative by Flaw
  • September 26 – Rock by Steel Panther
  • September 27 – Rock by Jack Russell
  • September 28 – Rocky by Robby Krieger
  • September 29 – Metal by Soulfly
  • September 30 – Pop by Fast Times
  • October 1 – Rock by Ultimate Jam Night
  • October 3 – Country by Gethen Jenkins
  • October 4 – Rock by Angel
  • October 7 – Pop by Fast Times
  • October 8 – Rock by Ultimate Jam Night
  • October 9 – Metal by Immolation
  • October 10 – Rock by Stryper
  • October 11 – Metal by Sebastian Bach
  • October 12 – Metal by Sebastian Bach
  • October 13 – Rocky by Spiders & Snakes
  • October 14 – Pop by Fast Times
  • October 15 – Rock by Ultimate Jam Night
  • October 16 – Rock by Tantric
  • October 17 – Rock by Saliva
  • October 18 – Rock by Alien Art Form
  • October 19 – Rock by Led Zepagain
  • October 20 – Alternative by Mushroomhead
  • October 21 – Pop by Fast Times
  • October 22 – Rock by Ultimate Jam Night

If you’re planning to visit California within the next 30 days, you know which Whisky a Go Go Events you can be a part of. You can get the tickets online to book your seats right away and not miss out on the last moment.

The Whisky a Go Go Events sure does have its history and it is worth a visit when you’re in CA. For everyone who has been hearing music, right from rock and roll to metals, this is an amazing place to be. So, you must indulge in this event as you pour your hearts out and have the best types of whiskey here. Also, note that this place is open 24 hours, so you can always pay them a visit even if you’re not in a mood to drink.


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