Seven Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Shopfitting Company

Shopfitting Company

When you would like to transform your retail store into a beautiful place to shop, you can find a refitting company that helps with the overall design of the space. There are a few questions you should ask when you begin shopping for a company such as this, and it help if you know what you want to store to look like. Read through each question to ensure that you know what to ask the shopfitter when they come out for an estimate.

1. Can I See Your Portfolio?

As you begin reading a site like, you need to see a portfolio for the shopfitter. When you have seen what the company can do, you will get an idea of what their personal style is. Once you know the company’s style, you can decide if you want to work with them. Plus, you may ask to copy something that you have seen in the portfolio. If you have been inspired, you can work from a picture you see in the portfolio.

2. Can I Call Your References?

Ask the shopfitting company if you can call their references. When you can talk to the references for any builder, you will learn about how well they provide customer service. This is a quick phone call, and you show ask about pricing, how long the job lasted, and the people who worked on the job. When you call the reference, they should tell you what it is like to work with the shopfitter. This is vitally important because a company could look good on paper and work terribly when they get to your shop.

3. Do You Have Your Builder’s License?

Ask to see the license and certification for the company. You should not work with someone who is licensed or certified to build. When these companies are licensed, they are given a seal of approval by the government, and that seal of approval ensures that you will get a good deal. Plus, you will know that the company has insurance or a bond o protect you during the job.

4. Can You Complete The Project Ethically?

You should ask the shopfitter if they can complete your project thickly by using recycled materials and ecologically-friendly building techniques. You can see the difference in the estimate when the company is choosing to use green building techniques, and they can even show you how their green building materials are purchased and used. You can ask to reduce your carbon footprint during the process, and you could even use these techniques as a selling point for your business.

5. Can I See A Sketch Of Your Design Plan?

Ask the shopfitter to show you what they would like to do to improve the space. When the shopfitter is working on your retail store, they have an idea of how to use the space that you have, to create storage, a backroom, an office, and a register. Work with the shopfitter to adjust the design until you get exactly what you want.

6. Can I Review The Estimate?

Review the estimate that you are given so that you can understand precisely how much it costs to complete a new shopfitting. You could ask the shopfitter why you are paying so much for certain items or materials, and you can ask how much you are paying for labor. When you are satisfied that you can afford it, you can give the shopfitter your approval to begin.

7. How Long Will The Project Take To Complete?

Ask the shopfitter about how long it will take to complete shopfitting based on their calculations. Give the shopfitter a bit of leeway when they begin work because they may run into delays, weather problems, or wait on parts to be delivered. You can get updates on the project at any time by asking the shopfitter, and they will let you know how long they think it will take to finish.


Changing the face of your retail store is an important part of updating your business. Your customers will love coming to a beautiful new store, or you can transform an old and dilapidated space into a modern shopping marvel.


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