5 Ways to Transform Your Home

interior design ideas for small house

No matter how happy you are with your home, it’s rare that you’ll ever think you’ve made it perfect. Whether you want to add a splash of paint to your bedroom or buy yourself a new fruit bowl to jazz up the kitchen side, there are always changes that can be made.

There are all sorts of places to look for new bits to buy for your home, whether you’re gathering ideas from Pinterest or scrolling through the likes of the Divan Beds Centre website for a niche storage bed, there’s something for everyone.

A house transformation doesn’t always need to be pricey, sometimes you can do it on a budget, but still, make it look brand new. We’ve put together some of our top tips for transforming your home into a glamorous pad.

Upgrade your bed

It’s simple but effective. Simply changing your bed can make all the difference to your bedroom, whether you’re upgrading the size, color, or simply the bedsheets. Trends change all the time, perhaps swap out a wooden panel for a grey, velvet king size bed, it’s comfortable and can fit into almost any color scheme. Perhaps get some matching furniture for your room – next thing you know, it’ll look completely different without even getting the paint out.

Change your wallpaper

If one thing will provide the wow factor, it’ll definitely be changing your wallpaper. Over the last few years, a new trend has emerged seeing more and more people have an accent wall. The simplicity of picking just one wall to decorate allows you to pick something that couldn’t go round the entire room.

Makeover DIY

DIY has made a serious comeback over the past few months, with dozens of people transforming their old products. Whether you’re turning a tatty old table into a glamorous dresser or adding shelves into your wall, DIY is recommended for everyone. It’s often as easy as just painting over your old furniture, but it can make all the difference.

Add a statement cushion

If you’ve got an old sofa, a cheap and easy way to make it that little bit brighter is to add a statement cushion. You can usually find a bargain for less than £10 when it comes to a strong statement cushion. Maybe have a look at some of the latest trends on Pinterest to accessorize your sofa – it’ll look like you’ve transformed your home for a fraction of the price.

Add photo frames

Minimalism is something many interior fanatics are into at the moment. Monochrome has been growing as the go-to interior colors, but with a little splash of color, it’s even better. Alongside your statement cushion, why not add a couple of black or white photo frames with quotes inside. Not only is it motivational, but it gives your home a completely different vibe – and at such a small price too.

The smallest changes to your home can often make the biggest impact, so why not give a few of our recommendations a try? Not only will your home look different, but you’d have transformed it for mere pennies. Perhaps get yourself a new bed, add some statement cushions and a couple of minimalistic photo frames and you’ll feel like you’re in a brand new room.


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