Why Pihla Viitala Is the Top Finnish Actress?

Pihla Viitala

Pihla Viitala is the top Finnish actress and model who has done both regional and Hollywood movies.  She is brilliant in showbiz and that’s majorly due to her excellent performances and choice of scripts. She has also been a part of several television shows and literally tops all other Finnish actresses on this list. Here, we will give you an insight into who she is and why she is the best.

Pihla Viitala Early Life

Pihla Viitala was born on September 30, 1983, in Finland’s Helsinki. She completed education in her hometown and then went to pursue acting in Theatre Academy in Helsinki. The actress has been passionate about the craft from childhood and always wanted to be successful in Hollywood. Today, she has made her dreams come true so take a look at how her career has shaped up.

Pihla Viitala Career

Pihla Viitala made her movie debut in 2008 with the Jukka Pekka Siili biography called Ganes. The movie was based on the Finnish rock band Hurriganes where the actress played the role of Nina.

In 2009, she appeared in three famous movies Pihalla, Hellsinki, and Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre. Her performances were highly appreciated and the movie got positive reviews from the audience.

In 2012, Pihla Viitala was a part of romantic drama Must Have Been Love. She was then a part of a fantasy comedy Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters. The movie was a huge hit and people took it in the right spirits. It earned the maximum gross at the box office compared to all other movies she had done. Some more movies she has been a part of include Latin Lover and Red Sky.

The actress is famous on TV as well and she started the journey in Lemmmenleikit with the character Janina Lundberg. The actress then moved on to doing popular TV shows like Projectors, Virta, and Hellfjord. Recently, the actress was also a part of TV serial Mustat Lesket.

Pihla Viitala Personal Life

Pihla Viitala got married to musician Kerkko Koskinen in 2004 and has a lovely daughter called Astrid. The couple, however, got discovered in 2008 and now the actress is single and has all her focus on acting.

Quick facts about Pihla Viitala

  • Pihla Viitala is 36 years old
  • She was born in Helsinki
  • She has a sibling called Anna Viitala
  • The actress is 169 cm tall which is almost 5 feet and 6 inches
  • The eye color of this beauty is dark brown
  • She has naturally blonde hair
  • The actress was born in a Christian family but is an atheist by choice
  • Pihla Viitala graduated from Lycée franco-finlandais d’Helsinki school
  • She attended Theatre Academy in Helsinki instead of choosing conventional subjects
  • The actress got overnight fame after portraying Mina in Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters

Top 10 Finnish Actresses

Apart from Pihla Viitala, there are many other actresses from Finnish descent who are doing great in Hollywood. Know all of them with the points below:

1. Pihla Viitala

The most obvious name here is Pihla Viitala. The Finnish actress has made a mark in both nationally and internationally and is living the life she always wanted. Her movies Latin Lover, Star Boys, and Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters will always remind people of her.

2. Liisa Evastina

Liisa is another top Finnish actress from Suutarila – suburbs of Helsinki. She was raised by her elder sister since she was 14 years old. She became independent at a very young age. Liisa started her career as a model in Europe and then moved to Los Angeles for acting sessions at Playhouse West. She is famous for her role in 13 hours.

3. Sara Fabel

Sara Fabel originally named Sari Katriina Virtanen is another Finnish model and actress on this list. However, not many people know that she is also an illustrator and tattoo artist.

The actress lived in Helsinki during her early teen years. She studied to become an art educator from the Aalto University but somehow acting happened. She has been maintaining parallel careers and is best known for her role in The Schwartz.

4. Malla Malmivaara

Malla was Viitala’s co-star in Star Boys. Born on December 10, 1982, this actress was originally named Laura Malmivaara. She is famous for her roles in Sitoutumisen alkeet and Helsingin herra.

5. Minka Kuustonen

Minka was born on August 24, 1985, and is known for writing and acting. She got fame after doing both for Wendy and the Refugee Neverland in 2017. Other movies she has acted in include Summertime and Beauty and the Bastard.

6. Anna Falchi

Anna was born in Tampere on April 22, 1972, and her full name is Anna Kristiina Palomaki. She is an actress and a producer who is famous for Kim Novak Is on the Phone, S.P.Q.R.: 2,000 and a Half Years Ago and The Tracker. The actress was married to Stefano Ricucci but later separated.

7. Vera Jordanova

Vera Jordanova is another actress born in Helsinki. Her birth date is August 28, 1975, and she became famous for her role in Hostel: Part II. Her work in Harjunpää and the Persecutors and Isänmaan toivot was also much appreciated. She got married to footballer Federico Ruiz in 2016 and have a child.

8. Laura Birn

Laura Birn from Helsinki was born on April 25, 1981, and her full name is Laura Eveliina Birn. The actress and writer is famous for her role in Purge, A Walk Among the Tombstones, and Void.

9. Krista Kosonen

Krista is from Espoo, Finland and was born on May 28, 1983. She is a writer and actress known for her work in Blade Runner 2049, Maima, and The Midwife.

10. Linda Zilliacus

Linda Zilliacus is also from Helsinki and was born on April 25, 1977. Her real name is Linda Elvira Gyllenberg and she became famous for her role in Evil, History Is Made at Night, and Isabella. The actress married to Tobias Zilliacus in 2001 and have three kids.

Final thoughts

The reason why Pihla tops them all is that she has a wider career graph than most of them. Her presence in both national and international levels are high and she is doing better every day. Stay tuned to know more about your favorites celebrities!


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