7 ways to make your garden private

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Summer time is all about spending long afternoons enjoying the sun in your own back yard. Whether you’re BBQing with the family or you’re catching up on a good book, there’s nothing better then taking some time out in the garden. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to relax and completely unwind when you have the feeling you’re being watched, or if all the neighbours can see what you’re doing. It ruins the magic a little!

Believe it or not, making your garden a little more private is a very easy thing to do and there are ways to do it that can compliment your outdoor space perfectly, without taking away valuable space or being too intrusive. Read on for some simple tips and ideas!

Plant some trees

Trees are one of the most natural ways you can add a little more privacy to your outdoor space. And you don’t have to wait 30 years for them to grow either, get in touch with The Tree Center and they’ll be able to advise you on what trees would best suit your needs and would compliment your garden.

Faux Hedges

Another natural looking solution is to install some faux box hedges. You don’t have to install these all around your garden, you could just strategically place them in the areas that are causing you concern. You can get them in various sizes and widths, making them ideal for a whole variety of gardens.

A living wall

This is one of the hottest gardening trends of 2019! Living walls are quite easy to create, however they do require some maintenance. Simply choose where you want the living wall to be – you can choose an existing wall or fence, install some battens, then fix in some planters and then add plants that are full of volume and colour. Check out some online tutorials to guide you here.

Use potted plants

If you’re living in an apartment with a balcony, then this is an ideal way to give yourself a little more privacy whilst you’re enjoying your outdoor space. Placing bushy potted plants around will give you the cover you need – choose plants that grow wide and tall to get the desired effect.

Grow bamboo

Bamboo grows wide and is very bushy, so if you’re looking to line your garden’s seating area to deflect the gaze of your neighbours then this is ideal. It is possible to grow bamboo in planters. This look is natural and won’t intrude on the aesthetics of your outdoor space.

Bamboo Screens

Alternatively, you can purchase some bamboo screens and erect them in the places you want cover. They’re versatile and always look stylish in any outdoor area.


If you’re hoping for a more traditional look, then why not try installing some lattices? These instantly make any outdoor seating area prettier and more private. You can even customise them by attaching some small planters with herbs or colourful blooms, all you need is a little time and imagination to complete the look!

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