The Truth About Why Dollywood Tickets Are Increasing This Year

The Truth About Why Dollywood Tickets Are Increasing This Year

Around 2.5 million people buy Dollywood tickets each year. Who wouldn’t enjoy this magical attraction put together by the lovely Dolly Parton?

If you’re thinking about waiting to get Dollywood season passes or tickets later, you might want to think again. Having a Dollywood adventure is one of the most memorable things you can do with your family, but if you can do it at a lower price — why not?

Continue reading this article to learn why the prices of Dollywood tickets are going up.

Get Your Dollywood Tickets Before They’re Gone

If you haven’t read this article by American Patriot Getaways, it gives a lot of great tips for how to best enjoy Dollywood. While Dollywood is a must-see attraction, the ticket prices are going up soon. So get your tickets before these following reasons make them reach a new high!

Wildwood Grove Expansion

Dollywood recently opened a new expansion in the park. The Wildwood Grove expansion, which opened in May 2019, is costing the park a cool $37 million.

So how much more park is this $37 million buying? Six more acres or pure Dollywood fun, inspired by Dolly’s own childhood in the Smoky Mountains.

There are 11 new family experiences that you can enjoy the next time you go to the park — six of which are rides. Don’t forget to enjoy the costumed characters and the delicious food while you’re there!

As you can see, Dollywood is putting a lot of work and money back into the park, which validates the increased ticket prices. There are said to be more improvements coming — around $300 million worth of them — so get excited to see even more in the near future.

What Are the Dollywood Ticket Prices?

If the thought of increased Dollywood ticket prices is making you nervous, you should know there are ways to get some good deals. You can buy multi-day tickets if you’re in town for a little while, or if you live nearby, you might decide to opt for season passes.

Feel like you can only handle one day of Dollywood fun? Then a single day ticket might be your best option. Make sure to check for discounts, such as for seniors, children or military members that are available.

Here are the current ticket prices so you know what you’re going to pay when you plan to spend your vacation at Dollywood.

Let’s talk about the good news first. Kids 3 and under are F-R-E-E. Now let’s look at the other ticket prices.

Single-Day Tickets

For a single-day ticket, the standard one-day adult pass is $74.

Children ages 4 through 9 get tickets for $61.

Multi-Day Tickets

For a multi-day ticket, the standard two-day adult pass is $94.

Children ages 4 through 9 get tickets for $81

Season Passes

If you plan to visit the park for more than two days a year, then you might want to look into season passes. If you get a regular pass and use it two times, it’s already paid for itself! If you choose to go with the gold pass, it will take three visits for it to pay for itself.

When you choose a gold season pass, you get more benefits, like free parking and discounts on merchandise and food. You also have the option of an online payment plan if you don’t want to come up with all of the cash at once.

As you can see, there are plenty of options so you can choose the ones that work best for you. Securing your tickets or season passes now will ensure you get the best prices before they go up even more.

Getting a Good Deal on Your Accommodations

If you are feeling a pinch in your wallet because of the higher cost of a ticket, you can try to make up for it by finding discount accommodations. If you know where to look, you can find some good deals in the area.

Instead of going to one of the more expensive resorts nearby, you can look for a local cabin that you can rent out while you are there. You’ll be spending most of your time at Dollywood, so why pay for an expensive resort when you won’t even be there?

Another good option is finding an Airbnb room. If you only need a place to sleep, you might choose to rent out a side room of someone’s home with shared spaces. This is also a good way to meet other people in the area and get some tips from the locals.

There are endless mountain views when you come to the Smoky Mountains, so finding a place where you can be in the middle of the trees and natural beauty isn’t that difficult.

When you’re looking for accommodations near Dollywood, you can look directly in Pigeon Forge, where Dollywood is located, or you might opt for Gatlinburg. If you want to get cheaper rates, you might choose to go a little further away from the park in Townsend or Walland. If you do have a to drive a little way to get to Dollywood, it’s not that bad because of the beautiful views through the winding back roads.

Learn How to Have Even More Fun

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