Creepy Attic or Pest Infestation? 6 Common Signs of Pests in Your Roof

Dust lead to pests

If you’re hearing the pitter-patter of little feet above your head, it could mean you have a pest infestation.

Before you panic, it’s important to understand what is happening and why you’re suddenly dealing with pesky intruders.

Read on for six signs that you might have pests in your roof in case you need to call in the professionals.

1. You’re Seeing Pests Indoors

If you notice an influx of unwanted pests inside, this could indicate that they’re also living in your roof or attic area. An occasional insect is fine, but if it feels like an invasion, there could be a serious problem up above you. If you try treatment and they still persist, check your attic and roof to be sure.

2. Unusual Sounds

Weird noises like scratches or scurrying overhead is a definite sign that something is living in your roof. You might even hear the animal or animals making noises like squeaking or screeching. Listen carefully for any unusual sounds above your head that isn’t normally there.

3. Droppings Appear

Many people with a pest infestation will notice small animal droppings first. Even if the pests aren’t living inside your home, their droppings could fall down from an attic entry door area or somewhere similar. Be on the lookout for strange droppings that seem to appear out of nowhere.

4. Nests and Pest Infestation

You might need to investigate your attic further to determine if there are pests making themselves at home. Signs of nests in an attic space means that rodents or other animals are comfortable living there. Use a flashlight to explore the area or call a professional to come and inspect the roof and attic for nesting material.

5. Gnaw Marks or Other Damage

A lot of pests enjoy chewing on things like your electrical wiring or the wood in your attic. Observe the attic area closely and be on the lookout for any teeth marks or frayed wiring.

If a pest is living in your roof, they can cause serious damage or even start a fire, so you need to remedy the issue as soon as possible. You might need the help of companies like Tiger Roofing LLC to come and make roof repairs, too.

6. Offensive Smells

If a strange smell is suddenly permeating your home, it could mean that pests are taking up residence in your attic. Ammonia-like smells may indicate that mice or other rodents are present. Be aware of any icky smells that suddenly appear, and then check your attic as soon as possible to verify the source.

A Pest-Free Home is Possible

Once you’re aware of these signs of a pest infestation, you can take the steps to get the problem solved. From weird sounds and smells to visible damage to your roof, getting the issue fixes is the key to a happy, safe home.

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