What to Do If You Have Experienced Water Damage

What to Do If You Have Experienced Water Damage

Experiencing water damage in your home or in any part of your residence for that matter can be quite traumatic. This can be caused by any form of leakage in your pipes or any source of water. Such a situation can cause numerous damages to your homes like furniture, clothes, or even the house structure. Here you need to be cautious and learn the means that you can use once there is water spillage. Respond fast to water damage issues to avoid loses. Some may require professionals, especially if you are dealing with large quantities. Here is what to do if you have experienced water damage:

1) Safety First

Once you have discovered the problem, try to take safety measures first. This will help you to avoid accidents that may lead to losses. You can seek water damage restoration service to help you control this situation professionally. These safety measures include switching off power, taking valuable materials, and evacuating children if they are present. For instance, when switching power off, you need to wear clothes that will prevent you from being electrocuted. Following these measures will not only protect you but also guide on the cause of the problem.

2) Drain the Water

The main aim after experiencing water damage is to remove the water to avoid it from overflowing. Here you are required to investigate the situation first so that you can have a proper approach method. There are tools that you can use like a squeezer or a rug to make the process fast. Some water damage may be uncontrollable, and you might require seeking a professional who will help you drain out. This process requires serious measures to avoid accidents like that of electrocution.

3) Contact Insurance Company

Once you have seen the damage caused, you should contact your insurance company right away. You are required to take pictures of the damaged property to act as evidence. This should be regardless of whether you have cover for the damages or not. Please make sure you document them to show either your insurance agent or the repair specialist. You should avoid doing any repairs before taking pictures. This will help a lot in the investigation of the cause of the accident. Your compensation will depend on the policies that you agreed upon when signing up.

4) Clear Out

After taking the photos and documenting them, you can get inside and try to clear things out. Once there is water damage, there are things that remain intact others are destroyed. When clearing out, try to put those that are disposable aside and get rid of them. You are required to open the windows or use humidifiers to help get rid of the humid air that may encourage the growth of mold in the house. This can affect your floor, clothes, and the roofs. Clearing out should be a speedy process since mold multiplies and can spread quickly. Depending on the type of damage they have, furniture may also require to be dried since they are prone to mold.


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