5 Helpful Tips for Hiring a Housekeeper You Can Trust

5 Helpful Tips for Hiring a Housekeeper You Can Trust

Hiring a housekeeper can be one of the best decisions you make.

Imagine coming home to a consistently clean house regardless of how busy you’ve been during the week. Your home will be ready for guests around the clock and will be gorgeous and spotless 24/7.

Reaping the benefits of having a housekeeper is one thing, but finding the right one can be quite another matter.

A housekeeper doesn’t just need to be good at their job, they also need to be trustworthy. Hiring for skills is simple, but finding someone you can trust can be hard.

Here are our tips on how you can find a housekeeper you can trust.

Look at Reviews (Carefully)

Now it’s easier than ever to find online reviews for individuals and cleaning services.  When you’re searching for a housekeeper, take the time to read reviews.

Don’t just see if people were happy with their housekeeper’s work. Pay attention to what people say about how friendly the keeper was and how comfortable they felt with them in their homes.

Reviews can tell you a lot about what to expect from house cleaning services, but only if you view them with a cautious and discerning eye.

If you see someone that seems too good to be true, believe your skepticism. It’s easy to post fake reviews, and someone that has a lot of 5-star reviews with little details in them should raise a red flag.

Ask for References

Anonymous reviews can be helpful, but trusted references from past clients can be even better.

Don’t be afraid to ask for references when you’re looking to hire a housekeeper. If you’re working with a cleaning service or agency, ask for specific references tied to the housekeeper along with general references for the company.

Consider Insurance

One of the benefits of going with a housekeeping service like Maid Perfect Housekeeping LLC over an independent cleaner is having the benefit of being covered by insurance in case something goes wrong.

A keeper from an insured company can cover any costs of damage done to your home. This can also cover incidences of theft and injury.

If you don’t work with an insured keeper or agency, you could be financially and legally responsible in case anything goes wrong during the cleaning process.

Hiring an insured keeper with a company may cost a little more upfront. But the level of assurance that you’ll be covered no matter what can be worth the money.

Run Your Own Background Check

The person you hire may claim they have a clean criminal record. If you go for a service, they may promise that everyone they hire goes through rigorous background checks.

But the only way to know that their claims are true is to do your own checks.

Running a background check is simple, and doesn’t cost a lot of money. Before you let anyone into your house, take the time to run a check on them.

Aim For Consistency

If you want to find a trustworthy housekeeper, you can’t have someone new in your home every week. Aside from wanting to know who is in your house, you’ll also want someone that knows all of the ins and outs of keeping your home tidy.

If you go with a service, you may be getting a different cleaner each week. Be sure to ask the service how they choose workers for assignments. If you’re impressed with a service, don’t be afraid to exclusively work with one person.

Going Beyond Hiring a Housekeeper

Hiring a housekeeper is only one way you can keep your house consistently looking great. There are a lot of other ways you can ensure that your home always looks its best.

Would you consider changing up your decor scheme? Is your furniture worn, or does everything look nearly new?

We have a lot of decor and housekeeping tips on our blog. Be sure to browse our content to see everything we have to offer.


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